The Regional Coalition Of LANL Communities Discusses Consent Order Agreement And Gross Receipt Tax Issue

RCLC News:
SANTA FE  The Regional Coalition of LANL Communities (RCLC) will hold its monthly board meeting 9-11 a.m., Friday, Oct. 14, at the Taos Plaza Old County Courthouse, 121 N Plaza, Mural Room, 2nd floor in Taos.
The Regional Coalition has invited New Mexico Secretary of Environment, Bruce Tongate and Katie Roberts, Director of the Resource Protection Division at New Mexico Environment Department (NMED). Roberts will report on the Consent Order Agreement, an agreement between the NMED and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that guides and governs the cleanup of legacy waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).
Roberts will discuss how NMED has incorporated public comments received by 37 stakeholder groups and individuals including the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities, Northern New Mexico Citizens Advisory Board, Los Alamos County, San Ildefonso and Santa Clara Pueblos. The RCLC is looking forward to details on how public comment will be handled in remedy selection for cleanup sites, as well as how the public will be updated on milestones and targets reached, and revised in future years.
In September and October, the Regional Coalition received invitations to speak at the Legislative Finance Committee and the Revenue Stabilization & Tax Policy Committee to offer background information on Legislative pursuits and exploration toward the elimination of the tax exempt status of managing and operating contractors of state-hosted DOE National Laboratories. This tax exemption removal will ensure the State of New Mexico continues to receive tax revenue from LANL and Sandia Labs.
The President & Executive Director of New Mexico Tax Research Institute, Richard Anklam, will be speaking at the Board meeting this Friday about the NM gross receipts tax issue and provide steps for moving forward.
The meeting is open to the public. For any special requirements or to view meeting materials, visit or contact
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