The Pain Free Athlete: Five Things Egoscue® Posture Therapy Can Do For You

The Pain Free Athlete
Five Things Egoscue® Posture Therapy Can Do For You
1. End your chronic musculoskeletal pain
An aligned, functional body is a strong, pain free body. Chronic musculoskeletal injuries and pain are the result of repetitive compensated motions in an asymmetrical posture that causes breakdown in the body. Reeducating the body of proper position and muscle mechanics eliminates the “wear and tear” degeneration of your joints. Posture exercises guide the body to work as designed, removing compensations and retraining efficient movement patterns.
2. Reduce your fear to move through enhanced body awareness
A body that is constantly falling apart and hurting makes you afraid to use it and move. You fear the pain and don’t want to make things worse. You start questioning what you should and shouldn’t do and end up doing less and less which can increase the pain. It is the unknown that makes us fret. Gaining an understanding of your body, its postural disparities and tendencies, and the root cause of your pain can alleviate fear. Knowledge is power! Having clarity on the problem, you can take appropriate action.
3. Regain and expand your activities and sports
Pain and injury does not have to end your favorite hobbies or athletic pursuits. There is a reason why you hurt when you do certain movements. Regaining these activities may be possible when done with proper form and function. My clients who had settled to give up running are now out striding the roads and trails again. Don’t accept limitations, work to overcome them!
4. Raise your self-confidence and self-trust
When we feel powerless we have low confidence. When we rely on someone else to “fix” us we give our power away to that person. Egoscue® provides the tools you need to take care of yourself which is empowering. You learn to trust yourself and your instincts about what you need.
5. Provide validation and answers
Most of my clients had been to various professionals seeking relief from their symptoms and come to me as a last resort. It was the same for me and my path to Egoscue®. We had nowhere else to turn. Some have been told the pain is all in their head when the X-rays, MRIs and Ultrasounds are negative.

The body is interconnected and complex. The pain and the source may be at opposite ends of the body. An X-ray of the neck will not lead you to the conclusion that your pain is coming from your ankle position. Posture therapy will connect those dots and help you see your body in its entirety, revealing the source of your pain, not just treating the symptom.

Learn more about Egoscue® Posture Therapy next week. The Pain Free Athlete is offering two complimentary workshops at 5 p.m. Monday or 12:15 p.m. Wednesday at Blue Sky Pilates. Check The Pain Free Athlete website for more details or call 505.412.3132.

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