The Elephant In The Room: ‘Meet & Greet’ GOP CD-3, County Council, County Clerk Candidates Thursday

The Elephant in the Room
By The Republican Party of Los Alamos
The Republican Party of Los Alamos is hosting a “Meet and Greet” for GOP candidates running for County Clerk, County Council, and U.S. House of Representatives at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13 at UNM-Los Alamos.
Republican candidates sheduled to attend the GOP “Meet and Greet” and participate in the League of Women Voter’s Forum, which follows at 7 p.m .at UNM-LA include:
  • Michael Romero – U.S. House of Representatives, CD-3;
  • Naomi Maestas – Los Alamos County Clerk;
  • Incumbent Steven Girrens – Los Alamos County Council;
  • Patrick Brenner – Los Alamos County Council; and
  • Jaret McDonald – Los Alamos County Council.

We realize you have choice and we feel confident that once you meet our candidates, they will gain your support. This “Meet and Greet” not only gives you the chance to ask questions of the candidates, but also will give you a chance to have some refreshments before the LWV Forum begins.

About our candidates and speakers on Oct. 13:

Michael Romero is the GOP candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Mexico’s third Congressional District. Romero is a graduate of Grants High School. He married his high school sweetheart, Francesca, and they embarked on an adventure of military service to the U.S. Air Force. After the Air Force, he entered into the National Guard. Following his servie in the military, Romero joined the Taos County Sheriff’s Office where he took another oath to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution. He was given the opportunity to move to Las Vegas, Nev., and serve in that city’s Metropolitan Police Department. When he retired at the age of 50, he and his wife returned to his childhood home of Vadito, N.M. During this wonderful life of retirement, he was asked to run for Congress. The awareness of a sense of duty and of service to his family and country has always been a part of Romero’s life. He believes the road that Progressives have begun to take will lead us away from the protections and the safeguards that God built into our Constitution by leaders who feared and respected Him. When elected to office, he looks forward to again taking the oath and the action to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. Here are his key issues:

  • Immediately withdraw Pecos Wilderness Expansion Bill;
  • Make Quarterly Accountability visits to federal agencies;
  • Provide a mobile office to tour towns in Dist. 3;
  • Work to support Right to Life at every stage;
  • Apply common sense to environmental issues;
  • Work to return federal lands to State Jurisdiction and Control; and
  • Support Right to Work legislation at all levels.

For more information about Michael Romero and his candidacy for the U.S. House, visit

Naomi Maestas is the GOP candidate for Los Alamos County Clerk. With 10 years of experience working in the Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office, Maestas has achieved many valuable accomplishments and obtained imperative knowledge and insight of the responsibilities pertaining to the County Clerk position. As a Senior Deputy Clerk, she has a sincere passion for all aspects that encompass the office and is focused on serving our community to the utmost of her ability. Maestas believes in the importance of engaging and educating the community of not only the election process, but all the functions of the clerk’s office. She will continue state and national interactions to stay abreast of current laws and promote legislation beneficial to Los Alamos County. Through her ambition, integrity and dedication, Maestas is excited to continue the progression the office has made and will continue to prioritize and work closely with the community to ensure the best unbiased service and voting capabilities are always offered. She also strongly believes in democracy and is committed to protect the rights of all voters and ensure fair and secure elections are always provided in a respectful, transparent and reliable manner. Maestas has a website for you to get to know her better at

Incumbent Steve Girrens is a GOP candidate seeking re-election to the Los Alamos County Council. Girrens is a 37-year resident of White Rock, a LANL employee and married to Sharon Stover. The couple has two adult children who are graduates of the LAPS system. Girrens has a lifelong record of volunteering with various clubs, schools and county endeavors. He has contributed consistently over his 37 years by these examples – White Rock Little League coach and umpire, Pajarito Ski Club volunteer, Men’s Slow Pitch Softball president, Parks and Recreation Board member, Planning & Zoning commissioner, member of United Church of Los Alamos, Leadership Los Alamos graduate, LAPS School Board member, Mexico Mission adult volunteer, Leadership New Mexico graduate and Los Alamos County Councilor.

Girren’s priorities are unchanged from the first time he ran for Council in 2012. He is unwaveringly committed to sustaining the quality of life we enjoy – a safe place to live, quality schools, unique recreational and cultural venues, and “no better place” to raise a family. Ongoing Council business important to Girrens includes capital improvement projects, policy decisions involving our County-owned public utilities and benchmarking county services. He is totally invested in this community and offering his unique experiences and perspectives in continued service on the County Council. To find out more about Girrens, visit

Patrick Brenner is a GOP candidate for Los Alamos County Council. Brenner graduated from Los Alamos High School in 2010. In the six short years since, Brenner has furthered his education through the University of New Mexico and has served as general manager of Alpha Graphics in Albuquerque. He then moved upward to the Alpha Graphics headquarters in Salt Lake City and started his own marketing firm. Brenner is married and the father of two children. He has heard on several occasions that the County’s primary function is to support the Lab. He doesn’t disagree with this statement. He understands the Lab plays a critical role in northern New Mexico and it is imperative that the Lab remains successful, both for Los Alamos County and the rest of New Mexico. Without the Lab, there is no County. It is his belief that without the support of the County, there is no Lab. Brenner feels the best method for Los Alamos to provide support to the Lab is for the County to maintain and improve curb appeal that will draw new, fresh and young scientists to the Lab. To Brenner, this curb appeal is not necessarily the physical beauty of the town but the ease of living in the community and that functional and various local businesses that offer shopping solutions to the inhabitants will improve that curb appeal. He states, “If it’s easy for residents to shop and procure groceries, then it’s easy to attract new folks to Los Alamos.” Brenner strongly believes that the best way to maintain that appeal is to strengthen local business. “Many County policies and procedures are prohibitive to the growth of business and inhibit the founding of new business. Let’s fix that. Let’s make it easy for businesses to do business,” Brenner says. For more information about Brenner, visit

Jaret McDonald is a GOP candidate for Los Alamos County Council. He is running for County Council because he states he “wants to give back to my community, which has been so good to me”.  McDonald believes he offers a different perspective to the County Council because he was born and raised here, works at LANL and owns a small business. He also has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustment for Los Alamos County. As a County Councilor, McDonald wants to ensure fiscal responsibility in County decisions as well as encourage neighborhood revitalization and County Charter education. He and his wife Jennifer are especially passionate about food insecurity in our community and intend to make sure people have what they need by partnering with local profits. For more information about McDonald, Visit his Facebook page at

The Republican Party wants you to be informed and is looking forward to the pubic attending this “Meet and Greet” and asking the questions that are important.