Thank You From LEWF As Cubs Released To Wild

Orphaned cubs Valley Girl and Cowboy were released Nov. 16 back to the wild. Courtesy/LEWF

LEWF News:

Valle (Valley Girl) and Caldera (Cowboy) were released Nov. 16 back into the wild after being nurtured by Dr. Kathleen Ramsay. The orphaned cubs came into rehabilitation after a tragic incident with their mother and marathon runner Karen Williams.

Dr. Ramsay turned to Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation, a non-profit, to help fund raise the $12,000 that she needed to raise these two cubs to get them ready for their release back into the wild. LEWF put the word out for help and Los Alamos heard it. Mountains of donations came pouring in as a community rallied around its own adoptive cubs. Soon, the Pajarito Environmental Education Center and Los Alamos County Environmental Services offered citizens the chance to donate acorns and fallen fruit for the bears. The Los Alamos Daily Post started featuring the cubs in their “Daily Postcard” so that Los Alamos could see what affect their love had on the “little” cubs.

In the end, Dr. Ramsay hit her $12,000 goal. Ensuring she had everything she needed to give these cubs their best chance at a second life. It was awe inspiring to see the love coming from off the Los Alamos Plateau.

Due to human population growth, warmer and drier climate, wildlife like bears are drawn into communities that they would normally avoid. Thus, more human-wildlife encounters are occurring. This is why LEWF is partnering with PEEC to bring Los Alamos the state’s first BEAR FEST. Although still in the planning phases, this event, will celebrate how blessed Los Alamos is to have bears around, and how citizens and government entities can come together to make sure Los Alamos remains a Bear Safe Community. Watch for further information from PEEC about this great May event. It should be a BEARY fun day.

LEWF would like to send a great big BEAR HUG to all those who helped with the care of Valle and Caldera and of course the four cubs from Cloudcroft. Free at last!