Thank You For Supporting National Parks

Vice President, Grants and Programs
Thanks to all of our wonderful friends who donated, we reached our goal of $100,000. And Union Pacific Railroad matched each and every one of those dollars, bringing the total to $200,000!
Union Pacific Railroad’s relationship with the national parks is as old as the National Park System itself, starting with iconic western parks like Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Canyon and Death Valley, when the railroad provided access to these special places that were otherwise nearly impossible to visit. Today, as Union Pacific Railroad continues delivering the goods Americans use every day, it also is proud to continue supporting the national parks. Union Pacific Railroad is honored to partner with the National Park Foundation and to participate in this match campaign, celebrating the next generation of explorers discovering what America’s backyard has to offer.
Because of the money we’ve raised together, more young people will be experiencing nature, history, and heritage firsthand, learning that the future of our national parks starts with them.
I hope you have some plans of your own to visit a national park this summer. All across the country, more young people will now have the opportunity to learn and create memories together, thanks to our National Park Foundation community and Union Pacific Railroad, whose support will help thousands of young people to enjoy some wonderful experiences in national parks.
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