Tax Scam In Progress, Do Not Return Call To 1-703-828-0431

Staff Report:

A Los Alamos resident did a reverse lookup on the number 1-703-828-0431 and found a bunch of near identical stories to the four messages she found on her phone today.

“You may want to post a warning in the newspaper that this scam is ongoing, since it is tax season,” she said.

She explained that a man claiming to be from the IRS leaves messages saying there is an IRS warrant for her arrest for tax fraud. She called back and he answers and there is another man on a phone talking in the background.

“He tells me I owe $1,570 or some number like that for the years 2009-2013? I don’t even file taxes – my husband files for the family and this guy only knows my name and cell phone number,” she said. “My husband got on and asked for his email address and he asked, ‘why would I give you my personal email?’ I blocked the number.”

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