Talk On Societal Needs At projectY Includes Free Pizza


Free pizza and a presentation on societal needs starts at 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 22 at projectY in Central Park Square.

You have a business. You want to start a business. You have a product. You have a potential product. You have an enabling technology. You have an idea for a product.

Who needs it? Why is it needed? Is the need known or does it have to be established? Is the product physical, mental, informational or a service? What can it do, enable, or enhance?

People, groups, and organizations spend money to satisfy needs, both real and perceived. And since need drives demand, it can help in assessing demand for a product or service or developing a plan to build demand.

The Aug. 22 presentation deals with the needs of society and humanity, collectively and individually. Click Here to RSVP