Take Math Skills Beyond Calculus

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UNM-LA News:

UNM-Los Alamos is offering MATH 316 Applied Ordinary Differential Equations this summer semester, June 6  through July 28.

This course will benefit students studying engineering, physics, mathematics, physical and biological sciences, environmental science, economics and finance, and anyone interested in learning about ways to mathematically model natural phenomena and understand their behavior.

Many laws describing natural phenomena are relations (equations) involving rates at which things change (derivatives). Equations containing derivatives are called differential equations. To be able to investigate problems in fluid mechanics, electronics, heat transfer, population or conservation biology, seismic waves, option trading, etc., one needs to know something about differential equations.

Taught by Dr. Irina Alvestad, the course will cover first and second order equations, the Laplace transform, systems of first order differential equations, nonlinear equations and stability, and applications.

MATH 316 Applied Ordinary Differential Equations, CRN 26055, will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:00 am – 12:40 pm in room 606. Students who have completed the prerequisite Calculus II and are interested in taking MATH 316 should contact Dr. Irina Alvestad at irina@unm.edu.

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