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Fr. Glenn: The Leap Of Faith

on May 20, 2018 - 7:13am
By Rev. Glenn Jones
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Los Alamos

Many thanks to Terry Goldman for his comments about last week’s column. He mentions a “quibble”, there’s really no quibble at all because we’re in full agreement concerning the realm of physical sciences. My point was that, absent tangible and verifiable evidence, we use that which we have to determine the likely existence (or not) of an entity.

For instance, in the dark matter example, even if no further evidence could be found either to the affirmation or contrary, science would likely still hypothesize its

Fr. Glenn: The Problem With Self-Esteem

on May 13, 2018 - 7:42am
By Rev. Glenn Jones
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Los Alamos

I was watching a news video the other day of an interview of a person with some counter-cultural views, and as one might notice in many such things and in today’s public discussion, the interviewer constantly interrupted the person with sweeping negative generalizations, and for the whole interview would not allow the guest to lay out any argument toward making his points. Why, I wondered, did the interviewer have to be so rude and defensive?

Why, indeed?

Los Alamos Faith And Science Forum: 2018 Summer Series Begins Wednesday June 6

on May 12, 2018 - 10:23am

The Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum summer series begins June 6 with the topic, ‘Why discuss Evolution?’ Courtesy/LAF&SF

LAF&SF News:

Purposeful Evolution?

One of the main stumbling blocks about evolution, for people of faith, is that it is portrayed as totally random and without direction. They ask—where in this is the Creator’s purpose?

Actually, however, recent research in evolutionary biology increasingly allows for the possibility that evolution is not always so random.

Knights Of Columbus Honor State Free Throw Winners

on May 11, 2018 - 2:59pm

The Sacred Heart Chapter 3137 of the Knights of Columbus held a ceremony Wednesday in the Knights of Columbus Hall on DP Road in Los Alamos to recognize the state winners of the free throw contest sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Los Alamos sent three district winners to the state contest in Bernalillo earlier this year and all three won first place. This was the best showing ever for Los Alamos. Pictured front row from left to right, Ryan Aldaz, Lukas Ulibarri and Abraham Sanchez.

Younglife Golf Tournament Friday May 18

on May 9, 2018 - 10:47am

Fr. Glenn: Searching For Maturity

on May 6, 2018 - 7:40am
By Rev. Glenn Jones
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Los Alamos

Well, spring is springing, and with it comes the perennial desire by young people to achieve (or at least appear to have achieved) greater maturity. Over by the high school we experience more loud music from passing cars, young couples wrapping themselves around one another in raging hormone-flooded embraces (yep, every spring even here at the church, having to chase them off when we catch them), sneaking a smoke or a vape, etc.

Many girls tend to wear tighter clothes and show more skin in order to attract attention

Community Members Celebrate National Day Of Prayer

on May 6, 2018 - 6:45am

Community members gathered for prayer and worship Thursday on the annual National Day of Prayer at the Ashley Pond Pavilion. This year marked the 67th observance of the National Day of Prayer in the nation and the 52nd year that a Presidential Proclamation is signed for the National Day of Prayer. This year’s president of the National Day of Prayer is Ronnie Floyd, who also is president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Los Alamos Hosts Icon Painting Workshop June 11-16

on May 5, 2018 - 7:51am

Icon paintings at St.Job of Pochaiv Church. The church will host a icon painting workshop June 11-16. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


An icon painting workshop in Byzantine-Russian tradition will be held June 11-16 in Los Alamos.

The Prosopon School of Iconology, founded in 1979 by Vladislav Andrejev, introduces students to the practice and theory of the ancient Christian art of icon-writing.

In the intensive, “hands-on” workshop each participant will paint an icon using traditional techniques and materials.

Fr. Glenn: Holding Nothing Back

on April 29, 2018 - 2:36am
By Rev. Glenn Jones
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Los Alamos

I wrote last week about watching the NJROTC awards/change of command ceremony recently, and inevitably began reminiscing about my own college ROTC days back in the early 80’s. That was, of course, soon after the Vietnam War, and feelings toward the military were much less warm than they are today. It was very similar to the situation with police these days: the actions of a relatively few bad apples get imputed to all even though the vast majority serve with selflessness and honor.

Back in that post-Vietnam time—even

Los Alamos Celebrates National Day Of Prayer May 3

on April 29, 2018 - 2:20am

Attendees stand for the posting of colors at the 2017 National Day of Prayer. Courtesy photo

Members of the VFW post the colors during last year's National Day of Prayer. Courtesy photo


Local Bible-based believers in Jesus Christ will gather for prayer and worship on the annual National Day of Prayer 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, May 3 at the Ashley Pond Pavilion.

This year marks the 67th observance of the National Day of Prayer in the nation and the 52nd year that a Presidential Proclamation is signed for the National Day of Prayer.

Los Alamos Church Of Christ Opens Doors To Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship

on April 27, 2018 - 6:50am

Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship and Los Alamos Church of Christ are sharing space. Courtesy photo



Since March 18, the Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship has worshiped and fellowshiped in the Los Alamos Church of Christ building at 2323 Diamond Dr.

The present schedule is that Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship meets for worship and preaching 8:15-10 a.m. Sunday. The Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship’s children participate 9-10 a.m., in Los Alamos Church of Christ’s Bible classes, which are offered for all ages.

Spring Arts And Crafts Fair At IHM Parish Hall

on April 25, 2018 - 11:22am

2018 Los Alamos Vacation Bible School Listings

on April 25, 2018 - 9:47am

VBS News:

Vacation Bible School schedules for churches in Los Alamos and White Rock include:

June 11-15 Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church
3900 Trinity Dr., 505.662.5107   
Monday-Friday,  9 a.m. to noon
Theme: Rolling River Rampage
Ages K-6th, youth as helpers
June 12-14 The Christian Church
92 East Road, 505.662.6768
Tuesday-Thursday, 6:30-8 p.m.
Theme: Pet Palooza
Free! Fun! Festival! For families with children
June 18-22 Bryce Avenue Presbyterian Church
333 Bryce Ave. White Rock, 505.672.3364
Monday-Friday, 9-11:30 a.m.
Theme: Turned Around
Free, ages 4-12, (kids

A Day Of Buddhist Meditation May 25

on April 23, 2018 - 9:10am

Fr. Glenn: A Minimal Level Of Class

on April 22, 2018 - 7:26am
By Rev. Glenn Jones
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Los Alamos

Attending part of the high school’s NJROTC awards and change of command ceremony the other evening, I doubt that any of the adults could not but feel a great sense of pride in those young people who have embarked on a path of developing self-discipline and excellence.

And as the commander spoke of each senior’s hopes for the future—whether continuing in the military or no—I found myself reminiscing of my own youthful hopes and dreams of days gone by, and could not but begin to envy the trials and challenges,

Rev. Gordon Gibson Presents Virtual Civil Rights Tour

on April 19, 2018 - 6:10am
Rev. Gordon Gibson, right, with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., center. Courtesy photo
Rev. Gordon Gibson. Courtesy photo
Unitarian Church News:
Rev. Gordon Gibson will present “The Civil Rights Movement in Several Pictures, Selected Stories, and Maybe a Couple of Songs” Saturday, April 28 at the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos.
Rev. Gibson is one of the founders of the Living Legacy Project and will take people on a "virtual" Civil Rights Pilgrimage. His presentation will use photographs from some of the places and people of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama and Mississippi.

33rd Annual Home Building Trip To Mexico

on April 18, 2018 - 8:34am
Members and friends of the United Church of Los Alamos and the Unitarian Universalist Church built three houses during spring break for needy families in Mexico. Photo by Keith Lewis
UCLA News:
Randy and Laura Erickson have been on trips to build homes in Mexico during spring break for decades. The 33rd annual trip took place at the end of March with 75 campers headed to build three homes for those less fortunate.
Since 1986, volunteers have built the equivalent of 149 homes.
“The Mexico 2018 trip went very well,” Laura said.

Choral Evensong With Visiting Cathedral Choir April 22

on April 17, 2018 - 1:59pm

The Cathedral Choir performing in May 2015 in Los Alamos. Courtesy/TOTH

TOTH News:

The 50-strong choir of the Cathedral of St John in Albuquerque will visit Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church in Los Alamos at 5 p.m. Sunday, April 22.

The Cathedral Choir, directed by Maxine Thévenot, with Edmund Connolly on organ, will sing a service of Choral Evensong with the resident Evensong Choir and singers from other parts of Northern New Mexico.  

The Cathedral Choir has toured the US and the UK and made several critically acclaimed recordings.

Fr. Glenn: Send Out Thy Light And Thy Truth

on April 15, 2018 - 7:22am
By Rev. Glenn Jones
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Los Alamos

I read the other day about a young man who received a maximum sentence for a crime—a sentence meted out because he refused to “apologize” and “show remorse”. Really? Oh, your honor … if the lad had simply mouthed the words of an insincere apology, you would have reduced the sentence for that reason alone? 

How many times even weekly do we hear politicians, commentators or celebrities say inflammatory things, no doubt reflecting their true personal views.

Bethlehem Lutheran Tweens Visit Ruby K's

on April 15, 2018 - 5:57am

Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church Youth, Family and Christian Education Pastor Nicole' Ferry, back row left, and Edie May Phillips, back row right, took the church's Tweens Group Wednesday afternoon to Ruby K's Bagel Shop at 1789 Central Ave., where they were taught to make donuts by Ruby Alexander herself, back row center. Photo by Maire O'Neill/

Registration Opens For IHM Youth Golf Tournament

on April 12, 2018 - 7:26am

IHM Youth Golf Tournament News:

Registration is now open for players interested in participating in the 1st Annual Golf Tournament for youth ministry at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church.

The format for the tournament is Two Person Las Vegas Scramble and begins at 9 a.m., May 5 at Black Mesa Golf Course in Espanola.

Proceeds from the event support youth programs at IHM.

The IHM Youth Ministry Office works to support high school aged youth and help them build a foundation of strong ideals that they can carry with them into the future as citizens and leaders.

For more information

Fr. Glenn: Why Look You With Envy?

on April 8, 2018 - 8:41am
By Rev. Glenn Jones
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Los Alamos

Looking across the parking lot outside my kitchen window the other day, I spied a coyote loping rather more rapidly than normal, pursued a few moments later by a golden retriever mix running for all it was worth. Kind of humorous in a way—the survival-hardened coyote easily besting the soft, house-warmed, city-dwelling retriever. The retriever almost seemed like he wanted to play, but the coyote wasn’t having it … taking “the better part of valor,” just in case.

It reminded of a spectacle years ago of a large dog

Daily Postcard: Spring Blossoms At Saint Job

on April 6, 2018 - 6:02am

Daily Postcard: Springtime blooms Sunday at Saint Job of Pochaiv Orthodox Church on Trinity Drive. Photo by Else-Maria Tennessen

Light In The Desert: Photographs From The Monastery Of Christ In The Desert Opening At Governor’s Gallery

on April 5, 2018 - 9:06am
Light in the Desert. Photo from the Monastery of Christ in the Desert by Tony O’Brien
NMHM News:
SANTA FE  It was 1968 when Trappist monk Thomas Merton visited the Benedictine monastery Christ in the Desert, near Abiquiu shortly after it was founded.
Merton’s writings and photographs of the experience brought the secluded monastery to the attention of a wider community of people seeking sanctuary and spiritual inspiration.
An exhibition titled, Light in the Desert: Photographs from the Monastery of Christ in the Desert by photojournalist Tony O’Brien opens Friday, April 27 at