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Public Safety

Journey Through Indian Country Part 2: Making an Impact on the Reservation

on June 8, 2012 - 12:10pm

Special Agent Mac McCaskill visits a home on the Tohajiilee Reservation, a satellite reservation of the Navajo Nation where many homes lack electricity and running water. Courtesy/FBI

FBI Series Part 2:

Driving along a remote dirt road on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico recently, a rancher crested a ridge and noticed two animals intent on something in a nearby ditch.

Snow swirled in New Mexico’s high plains as Special Agent Mac McCaskill slowed his vehicle at the bottom of a hill on the Tohajiilee Reservation.

He engaged the four-wheel drive before continuing slowly up the steep,

Federal Agencies Demonstrate Response Capabilities for a Radiological Event

on June 8, 2012 - 10:17am

NNSA News:


KANSAS CITY, KAN. – A joint federal, state and local government workshop and demonstration of the emergency response capabilities that will be deployed in the event of a radiological accident or incident was held this week in Kansas City, Kan.

This technical workshopwas part of a series of events associated with Amber Waves 2012, a radiological dispersaldevice (RDD) exercise series sponsored by the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). Personnel from the states of Kansas, Missouri and Iowa, as well as numerous federal agencies

Extreme Fire Danger Conditions Surround Forest

on June 7, 2012 - 11:00am

SFNF News:

The fire danger on the Santa Fe National Forest is currently EXTREME. During times of extreme fire danger, fires start quickly, spread furiously and burn intensely. All fires are potentially serious.


A fire danger rating is established locally for each public land unit in the Southwest Area. These danger ratings are based on fuel types (i.e. grass, brush, slash, or timber), fuel moisture content (i.e. 10-hour fuel sticks), weather (i.e. precipitation, relative humidity, temperature, cloud cover, etc), station elevation, among others.

Local Boy Confesses to Lighting Stable Fires

on June 5, 2012 - 7:02pm

LAPD News:

Los Alamos Police report that three local boys ranging in age from 10 to 12 are implicated in three small fires started today at the Los Alamos Horse Stables on North Mesa.

One of the boys has confessed and all three boys have been referred to the juvenile probation officer.

Police began investigating the fires that broke out within minutes of each other this afternoon.

"It seems too much of a coincidence in the way the fires broke out and the close proximity to each other," Capt. Randy Foster said earlier today.

Police Probe Suspicious Fires at Horse Stables

on June 5, 2012 - 5:59pm

LAPD News:

Los Alamos Police are investigating three small fires that broke out within minutes of each other this afternoon at the Los Alamos Horse Stables on North Mesa.

"It seems too much of a coincidence in the way the fires broke out and the close proximity to each other," Capt. Randy Foster said. "The largest of the three fires grew to about 10 feet by 10 feet in size."

Foster added that the fires were put out quickly and no animals or property were harmed.


DEA Administrator Receives Rare Honor

on June 5, 2012 - 9:32am

DEA News:

DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart became one of the first foreign officials in history to receive Mexico’s Merit of Honor from President Felipe Calderon for her leadership and commitment in supporting the Mexican Federal Police (SSP) in combating organized crime.

The ceremony took place June 2 in Iztapalapa, Mexico.

SSP holds this event every year to recognize Federal Police sacrifices and achievements as well as new capabilities of this rapidly transforming institution.

Los Alamos Police Blotter: May 24 to May 31, 2012

on June 4, 2012 - 6:35am

The following information is provided by the Los Alamos Police Department.

Neither arrests nor charges indicate a conviction, and neither means that a person is guilty of the charges filed against them.



May 24 at 9:12 a.m. / Police arrested Robert Moore, 56, of Los Alamos near Agate Street and Aztec and charged him with driving while his license is suspended or revoked.

May 24 at 7:34 a.m. / Police charged a 16-year-old Los Alamos girl on Central Avenue with reckless driving.




May 24 at 8:42 a.m. / Police arrested Luis Ponce-Chitica, 26, of

East Park Closed for Paving Through June 20

on June 3, 2012 - 10:40pm


County Pavement crews will begin paving the East Park parking lot Monday, June 4.

Paving activities will require the park to be closed from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily for approximately two weeks.

Activity at the site on Monday will be limited to equipment staging as crews prepare for paving. Paving operations are scheduled to begin Tuesday, June 5, weather permitting, and should conclude by Wednesday, June 20.

The East Park pavilion cannot be reserved for events on weekdays, but will be available for use on the weekends.

Temporary access will be provided to the

CONE ZONE: Week of June 4

on June 3, 2012 - 9:01pm

Public Works Projects:

For more information about the projects listed below, please e-mail, call

662-8150, or visit the “Projects” link at

Eastern Area 2 Concrete, Paving & Utility Project – Phase 1
Canyon Rd between East Road (NM502) and the Myrtle Green continues to be closed to through traffic. Residential access to this area will be maintained; however, residents who park on Canyon Road are asked to park off-street or on a nearby side street. Residents can expect flagging operations on Canyon Rd during the day time, and two-way traffic at night.

Journey Through Indian Country Part 1: Fighting Crime on Tribal Lands

on June 2, 2012 - 6:40am

A special agent overlooks the Shiprock land formation on the Navajo Nation. The reservation, the largest in the country, is one of about 200 federally recognized Indian reservations where the FBI has investigative responsibilities. Courtesy/FBI

FBI Series Part 1:

Driving along a remote dirt road on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico recently, a rancher crested a ridge and noticed two animals intent on something in a nearby ditch.

As he approached, one of the scavengers loped away—the other looked up, its mouth glistening with blood.

The rancher guessed one of his sheep had been

College-Educated Officers Comprise Majority at Los Alamos Police Department

on June 1, 2012 - 12:14pm

The Los Alamos Police Department set up a static display of its vehicles and equipment for inspection by the state accreditation assessment team in 2010, at which time its administration, operations, personnel and training procedures passed compliance with state standards. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

The standards required to join the ranks of the Los Alamos County Police Department are stringent when measured against police departments around the country.

"We have such high expectations of our people that applicants who would have been hired elsewhere are not hired to work for

East Road/NM502 Gas Line Replacement and Reinforcement Begins this Week

on May 30, 2012 - 10:34pm


Gas line replacement and reinforcement work on East Road/NM502, from Tewa Loop to Airport Road, begins this week with most work confined to the shoulder of the roadway.

Drivers in the area are asked to use caution while this work is underway this summer.

In the coming weeks there will be greater traffic impacts as a lane closure will be required in order to safely execute the project.  
Notifications of such traffic impacts will be provided in advance.
For continuing updates, visit

Whitewater-Baldy Complex Fire Grows to 170,272 Acres

on May 30, 2012 - 10:27pm


Raging fire is visible from Forest Road 141. Photo by Steven Meister, Mt. Tayloyr Hotshots. Courtesy/USFS Gila National Forest

The Whitewater-Baldy Complex Fire has grown to 170,272 acres, which makes it the largest fire in New Mexico history. Last summer's Las Conchas fire burned 156,293 acres.

The fire has continued to spread in all directions as it remains active on more than 95 percent of the perimeter.

Firefighters are working on the line around the fire to provide the buffer needed to minimize the spread.

Burnout operations on the north side of the

Five Coyotes Attack Local Pets

on May 29, 2012 - 9:39am

By Wendee Brunish

Photo by Ty Smedes

I wanted to let folks know that Calli (55-pound Labrador Retriever) was attacked by five coyotes in Bayo Canyon.

Steve Becker was walking with her and his dog Fido at about 7 p.m., Wednesday when the attack occurred.

They were on the north side of the canyon near the coyote watering hole when the coyotes appeared from the south side of the canyon.

Soon all hell broke loose.

Fortunately, two mountain bikers appeared and helped chase off the coyotes, and Steve was able to retrieve the two dogs.

Fido escaped with a couple of scratches, but Calli

Los Alamos Police Blotter: May 17 to May 23, 2012

on May 28, 2012 - 7:04am

The following information is provided by the Los Alamos Police Department.

Neither arrests nor charges indicate a conviction, and neither means that a person is guilty of the charges filed against them.




May 17 at 3:15 p.m. / Police arrested Jerry Gallegos, 46, of Los Alamos near Diamond Drive and Ridgeway Drive on an outstanding District Court Warrant.






May 18 at 5:22 p.m. / Police arrested Sonja Martinez, 34, of Los Alamos near 20th Street and Deacon Street and charged her with driving while her license is suspended or revoked.




CCW Keeps Bad Guys Guessing

on May 27, 2012 - 1:20pm

By Carol A. Clark

As strange as it may seem, walking down Central Avenue carrying a loaded pistol in plain sight is perfectly legal. It only becomes illegal if the bearer holsters that gun beneath an overcoat or otherwise hides it from plain view.

New Mexico is an "Open Carry State," meaning it is legal to carry a loaded weapon as long as it is not concealed.

At the same time, New Mexico law does allow a person to conceal a loaded firearm in his or her vehicle, including motorcycles and bicycles, according to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.

In New Mexico, a person's car is

Local Smoke Blowing in from Arizona Fires

on May 25, 2012 - 10:43am

Image: NASA Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team

Los Alamos Daily Post Staff Report

There are no fires in the Los Alamos and surrounding areas.

Deputy Fire Chief Justin Grider said this morning that winds are carrying smoke from the fires burning in Arizona right over the townsite.

Smoke from Whitewater-Baldy Complex Fire Affecting 6 States

By NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Rob Gutro

The Whitewater-Baldy Complex fires burning and rugged terrain in the Gila National Forest in western New Mexico have been generating a lot of smoke.

Whitewater-Baldy Complex Fire Information - 5/25/12 AM Update

on May 25, 2012 - 8:30am


Situation: Incident Command Post relocated to the Reserve Fairgrounds on Thursday. Phone numbers for fire information will be changing and an updated number will be posted as soon as possible. In the interim please call the Reserve Ranger District at (575) 533-6231 for fire information.

The Whitewater Fire (detected on Wednesday, May 16) has merged with the Baldy Fire (detected on Wednesday, May 9), and is now being called the Whitewater-Baldy Complex.

FBI Needs Help Identifying Woman

on May 23, 2012 - 3:07pm

FBI News:

The FBI and New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator are asking for the public's help in identifying a homeless woman who was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Dona Ana County in 2003.

The black female suffered from schizophrenia and used several aliases, including Sonja Rebecka Ihu, Gretchen Saldingo, Gretchen Sundingo, Melanie Rumba, Melanda Votz and Tinkerbell Votz.

It is believed she spoke English as a second language and may have immigrated to the U.S. from Africa.

She spent some time in Flagstaff, Ariz., in July 2001, and also may have been to Canada and the Seattle

Speak Pashto? The FBI Wants You

on May 23, 2012 - 10:49am

The FBI is seeking to hire foreign language speakers and will host its first ever foreign language job fair in Houston on Friday, May 25.

The job fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Houston Community College’s (HCC) Conference Center, located at 3100 Main Street in Houston, Texas.

Hum Tum Radio-KLVL 1480 AM, will broadcast noon to 5 p.m. live from the job fair.

“FBI linguists play an extremely important role in keeping America safe,” said FBI Houston Foreign Language Program Manager Larry Wallace. “It’s a job opportunity that promises to be both challenging and rewarding.”


Bicyclist Cited for Hitting Car Near Metzger's

on May 23, 2012 - 10:33am

An adult male riding his bike about 8 a.m. today drove into a 2009 Nissan sedan at the intersection of Diamond Drive and Orange Street.

Los Alamos Police Officer Christopher Ross said that the bicyclist and the driver of the Nissan were heading south on Diamond Drive when the driver of the Nissan turned into Metzger's and was hit by the bicyclist.

The bicyclist was cited for failure to yield, Ross said.

"It was a very low impact, low speed collison," Deputy Fire Chief Justin Grider said.

New Mexico Rotarians Honor Local Heroes

on May 22, 2012 - 3:39pm

Former Los Alamos Fire Chief Doug Tucker, left, and Los Alamos Police Chief Wayne Torpy were honored as "Heroes of the Year" by the New Mexico Rotarians at the District 5520 Annual Banquet held Friday at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. Tucker and Torpy received special medals and honorary Rotary pins at the event recognizing their outstanding leadership during last summer's Las Conchas Fire in protecting homes and keeping the community safe. Photo by Linda King

Los Alamos Police Blotter: May 10 to May 16, 2012

on May 21, 2012 - 8:10am

The following information is provided by the Los Alamos Police Department.

Neither arrests nor charges indicate a conviction, and neither means that a person is guilty of the charges filed against them.

May 10 at 12:33 p.m., / Police were called to Smith's Food & Drug Centers, 31 Sherwood Blvd., on a report that someone shoplifted from the store. The estimated loss is less than $100.

May 10 at 4:40 p.m., / Police received a report of a 28-year-old Los Alamos woman who said that she was battered by a household member in the 800 block of 9th Street. The matter is under investigation.

May 10

Police Ran Torch Relay to Jemez Springs

on May 19, 2012 - 2:45pm

Los Alamos Police officers ran from the back gate to Jemez Springs Thursday for the 2012 Special Olympics Torch Relay. Local police officers and firefighters participate in the annual event as part of the fund raising efforts that they do for the Special Olympics. Lt. Jason Wardlow Herrera runs with the torch and prepares to hand it off to another officer at this juncture. Photo by N.S. Mills

Los Alamos Police Chief Wayne Torpy takes his turn in the torch relay to raise money for the Special Olympics. Photo by N.S. Mills

A small caravan follows the runners as they head for Jemez Springs.

Los Alamos Infant is in ICU

on May 18, 2012 - 11:16am

Police report this morning that the 11-week-old infant whose father admitted injuring him on Wednesday when he wouldn't stop crying, is in the Intensive Care Unit at UNM Children's Hospital.

Police also said this morning that the total extent of the infant's injuries have not yet been determined.

The baby's father is locked up in the Los Alamos County Detention Center on a $100,000 bond issued by Los Alamos Magistrate Court Judge Pat Casados.

Below is the story detailing the events involved in the arrest of the infant's father:

Los Alamos Police have arrested Tyrell Abney, 19, of Los