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Letter To The Editor: Smith’s Near Monopoly In Los Alamos

on June 24, 2019 - 5:13pm
Los Alamos

I have lived in Los Alamos since 1980. I have appreciated having a well-stocked supermarket in town. Before Smith’s bought out Safeway, we did have Ed’s Supermarket and some C-stores for some alternative.

When Smith’s arrived, especially after moving into Smith’s Marketplace and opening its gas station things changed. Ed’s went out of business. The Smith’s gas station had low prices and drove most other stations out of business. We do have the Co Op but they tend to be pricier and without the selection that Smith’ has.


Letter To The Editor: How To Develop ‘Developed’ Land?

on June 21, 2019 - 7:36am
White Rock
When I heard there was going to be a new housing project in White Rock, I was pretty excited about it.
Perhaps some affordable housing might bring more people to town and more local businesses for WR, too! It’s on a strip of Hwy 4, which I drive by every single day: on my way to the local grocery and hardware store, library and post office, senior center, or when I need to visit Los Alamos or Santa Fe.
However, I have noticed a few things during the development of Mirador and I’m not happy about it anymore.
First came the big bulldozers, which

Letter To The Editor: Misuse Of Kids Count Report

on June 21, 2019 - 7:31am
Rio Grande Foundation
The Rio Grande Foundation supports free market policies. New Mexico Voices for Children is on the left of the political spectrum and usually support more government.
There are vast areas of disagreement but I believe that in the end New Mexicans across the political spectrum ALL want New Mexico’s children to do better.
That’s why it is so disappointing that Voices for Children is seemingly using the annual “Kids Count” report it publishes with the support of the Annie E.

Letter To The Editor: Time For Impeachment Is Now

on June 17, 2019 - 8:56am
Los Alamos
President Trump declared June 12:
"If somebody called from a country, Norway, [and said] ‘we have information on your opponent' -- oh, I think I'd want to hear it." (
I'll tell you what, I've seen a lot of things over my life. I don't think in my whole life I've ever called the FBI. In my whole life. You don't call the FBI," [Trump] said. (

Letter To The Editor: On What Was Written 2,000 Years Ago

on June 15, 2019 - 8:04am
Los Alamos

At the LBGTQ+ interfaith panel discussion this last Wednesday, one of the panel members stated that what was written 2,000 years ago may not apply today and may have been incorrectly written down.

I guess no one let Paul know before he wrote 2 Timothy. Apparently, Peter didn't get the memo either before writing 2 Peter, where he says that Paul's letters are scripture. Since nothing in Paul's letters are in conflict with other Scripture, if there are any transcription errors, they must be minor and inconsequential.

If all Scripture is inspired by God and if


Letter To The Editor: What Pride Means To Me...

on June 14, 2019 - 6:55pm
Los Alamos

There has been some controversy as to whether or not PRIDE, the commemoration of historic steps toward the LGBTQ+ community stepping out into the mainstream and the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, is still a current need.

As we celebrate Pride month and host our 2nd annual Pride festival today here in Los Alamos, I’d like to tell you what Pride means to me.

Pride is an affirmation that I live in a supportive community when, even in todays culture, I don’t always find acceptance or tolerance.


Analysis Of VISA Credit Card Fees At Smith’s Stores

on June 13, 2019 - 4:49pm
Los Alamos

Kroger first banned VISA credit cards in 2018 at its Foods Co division in California. In expanding the ban to Smith’s, Kroger publicly claimed numerous offenses by VISA, the most emphasized of which is that VISA charges “excessive interchange and network fees.”

Contradicting Kroger’s public claims is tedious but straightforward.

Letter To The Editor: How Abortion Is (And Isn’t) Like Slavery

on June 7, 2019 - 6:10am
Los Alamos
Abraham Lincoln, on the campaign trail in March of 1860, explained his stance on slavery using the following analogy:
“If I saw a venomous snake crawling in the road, any man would say I may seize the nearest stick and kill it. But if I found that snake in bed with my children that would be another question. I might hurt the children more than the snake, and it might bite them.”
Lincoln had received some flak for not being a total abolitionist (although he did view slavery as a moral wrong) and with his analogy was describing his dual responsibility to

Letter To The Editor: What’s At Stake At LALT Meeting...

on June 6, 2019 - 7:29am
Los Alamos
Dear fellow Los Alamos County folks,
As a 25-year active member of Los Alamos Little Theatre, I’d like the community to understand what’s at stake at our Annual Membership Meeting this Sunday.
Full disclosure, I’m also a near-lifelong theater professional who has worked at many levels and almost every theater-type job there is. I have a similar breadth of experience at LALT, so I’ll set out what was and what is, and share with you what I hope will be.
First and foremost, every person involved in this social membership organization volunteers.

Letter To The Editor: A Local Police Officer’s Kindness

on June 2, 2019 - 6:32am
Los Alamos
After (the Los Alamos High School) graduation Saturday, I was eyeing the steel stairs going up to the bridge and down the stairs over Diamond Drive when a young police officer spied me and said to me and a family of four that he would be happy to escort us straight across the street.
He did just that.
His hand went out and the traffic ceased on one side. When we reached the median, he again put out that mighty hand and all the cars stopped as we completed our short  journey across Diamond.
I felt like the mother duckling in Robert

Letter To The Editor: Happy To See Growth In Town

on May 23, 2019 - 6:36am
Los Alamos
Thank you Rick Nebel for responding to Mr. Visal and Mr. Little. There are many of us who are happy to see our town growing in much needed areas such as food options.
We shouldn't be negative on anyone wanting to invest in our town to make it just a little nicer. I am not a big fan of Wendy's either, but it will be much nicer than the old abandoned building located there now and some people will be happy to eat there.
And not to worry to anyone who does not like Wendy's or prefers another restaurant as there is room for other restaurants that you may enjoy as

Letter To The Editor: Fact vs ‘Fact’ About Wendy’s

on May 21, 2019 - 5:30pm
Los Alamos
I am always amazed that people in the most educated 144 sq miles of the planet never seem to do any research before writing letters to the editor and worse often style them as if what their writing is fact vs their own opinion ("fact"). Today's topic is the recent letters regarding the proposed Wendy's.
All the letter writers assume that the Planning and Zoning Commission or the County Council have the ability to deny the developer approval for a Wendy's ("fact"). The actual fact of the matter is they do not.

Letter To The Editor: Pride Festival ... Offers Place For Students To Be Themselves

on May 18, 2019 - 10:45am
By Gwyneth Lyons
LAHS 9th Grader
FLAP Council Member

The LGBTQ+ Pride Festival organized by Friends of Los Alamos Pride (FLAP) has been a great addition to the town.

Specifically for youth, this festival, and the organization overall, has been extremely beneficial by giving kids the opportunity to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community. This gives students, from elementary to high school, a place to be themselves, learn about the history of pride, and so much more.

For several years, the high school GSA (Genders and Sexuality Alliance) has worked to make the town more inclusive of queer


Letter To The Editor: Response To Visal And Little

on May 17, 2019 - 5:24pm
Los Alamos

This is a response to Mr. Visal and Mr. Little on a new Wendy's. I, for one, am happy to see that someone is thinking about opening a Wendy's in Los Alamos. This represents a $2,000,000 to $3,500,000 investment in our community. I think it is great that someone is willing to make that kind of investment.

If you would prefer to have a KFC or Taco Bell, there is an easy way to fix that problem. Go purchase a franchise and open one yourself. Both KFC and Taco Bell have been tried up here before, and both of them failed.

Letter To The Editor: Response To ‘No To Wendys’

on May 17, 2019 - 3:38pm
Los Alamos
Mr. Visel, Los Alamos County Council and Los Alamos P&Z,
I'm an extremely regular fast food eater (almost every work day), and completely agree with Mr. Visel -- we absolutely do not need another hamburger place.
It would be easier to count places that DON'T serve hamburgers than it would be to count the ones that do.
PLEASE get us some variety of fast food. In addition to those mentioned by Mr.

Letter To The Editor: No To Wendys

on May 17, 2019 - 1:28pm
Los Alamos
This town (Los Alamos) doesn’t need is another burger joint! So, before the County gives its OK for a Wendy’s let’s see if we can get something better like a Kentucky Fried Chicken (or Church’s), or a Taco Bell to take over the old McDonalds building.
Los Alamos is seriously lacking in its variety of choices for fast food places and another Burger Joint is certainly NOT the answer!

World Futures: Profit, Non-Profit, Not-for-Profit – Part 1

on May 16, 2019 - 6:55am
Los Alamos World Futures Institute
Inferring from the title, one might anticipate this series is about businesses. It is and it is not.
It is in that as humanity developed, trade became essential. It is not because humanity has a need to survive and that requires working together in an “organized” manner. Perhaps this is better visualized with the bubble model I am fond of.

Checking today, there are 7.7 billion living people on the world. These are individual bubbles bouncing around with dependence on other bubbles and the “fluid” they are in.

Letter To The Editor: Smith’s Marketplace Has Lost Yet Another Customer

on May 12, 2019 - 7:34am
Los Alamos

Smith’s Marketplace couldn’t possibly make their disdain for their customers any more clear.

As if the Visa credit card fiasco wasn’t bad enough, they have now removed both express checkout lanes, apparently under the assumption that anyone who has 15 items or less would be just as happy going through the self-checkout as an express lane.

I wonder if they ever noticed that there were always people using the express lane? I wonder if they ever watched how people struggle trying to figure out how to use the self-checkout?

If I wanted to work in a grocery store, I would

Letter To The Editor: Study Shows Kroger Prices 14.4 Percent Higher Than Walmart

on May 7, 2019 - 7:41am
Los Alamos
Kroger claims its Smith's supermarkets no longer accepts Visa credit cards because of excessive fees and to “keep” prices low.
This doesn't ring true, because a recent report reveals that Kroger's prices aren't low to begin with.
Kroger’s average best price was 14.4 percent higher than Walmart’s (which accepts Visa) on a basket of goods in eight big markets around the nation, according to an examination produced by Chris Mandeville, an analyst at New York investment firm Jefferies.

Letter To The Editor: About Regional Coalition...

on May 7, 2019 - 6:57am
Los Alamos
Last year I told someone who was on the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities that it was our Congressional Delegation's job to get money for the State and if they aren't doing their job then we should vote them out. His reply was that they reached out to Udall's staff and they were unresponsive.
Both Senator Heinrich and Representative Lujan were reelected. If Representative Lujan is elected Senator he will continue the good job Senator Udall is doing.
Now that Stephanie Garcia Richard is NM Commissioner of Public Lands she is consulting with

Letter To The Editor: Support Pride Los Alamos

on May 6, 2019 - 7:25am
Los Alamos
Every community has its defining moments. Los Alamos has had a few. One recent defining moment occurred in June of 2018.
I had the honor of being part of a small group of dedicated people who put together the first-ever Los Alamos celebration of Pride. For the first time in Los Alamos history, this community was given an opportunity to stand up and tell our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer + (LGBTQ+) family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors; "We see you! WE SUPPORT YOU! You are one of us!"
Hundreds of people, from babies to retirees,

Letter To The Editor: Climate & Energy Transition

on April 26, 2019 - 8:35am
Rio Grande Chapter Director
Sierra Club


You probably heard that PNM announced Monday that they will reach 100 percent carbon-free by 2040, five years earlier than ETA requires. This is very exciting news and moves us even faster toward protecting our planet.
PNM wasn't specific about how they'll get to 100 percdent and what technologies they'll use to reach the goal. But they did say that they will be building 140MW of wind and that battery prices are falling fast. They also said they'd offer different scenarios and that "we" would decide together at the PRC.

Letter To The Editor: In Response To Mr. Brown

on April 23, 2019 - 6:11pm

Los Alamos

I am writing in response to Mr. Brown (link).

Unfortunately, both sides are entrenched like a WWI battlefield when it comes to abortion. Which unfortunately is not the problem only a symptom. The problem is since 1959 this country has done many things to kick GOD out of the country and deny he even exists. Mostly manifesting itself in ever growing hatred toward Christians.

While many people will disagree with my next statement, I ask them to investigate their faiths teachings as opposed to how they personally believe what their faith teaches.


Letter To The Editor: To The Pro-Life New Mexican

on April 23, 2019 - 7:17am
Los Alamos

To the Pro-Life New Mexican – it’s time to take action. It’s time to stop thinking that by just voting Republican we will stop the murder of innocent New Mexican babies.

Before you tune out because I called it “murder” tell me: what is the word for the unlawful premeditated killing of an innocent human life?

We have technology today which makes it impossible to deny that a fetus is a human. “Fetus” just means “offspring” anyway, and for a human woman that would be a child, and we all speak English, so let’s just call it what it is: murdering a human child.


Letter To The Editor: Wireless Metering Bad Idea...

on April 18, 2019 - 8:32am
Los Alamos
Dear Los Alamos Board of Public Utilities and Los Alamos County Council. First, I would like to thank the Los Alamos Utilities Department for the Excellent Reliability and Quality of their service. For many reasons, everyday I think about how VERY THANKFUL that my family and I have electric power, clean water, natural gas and a flush toilet 24/7/365. Thank you! You are doing an excellent job!
I travel extensively, and have been following the issue of wireless metering of our utilities by long distance.