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Just One Thing To Do This Week: Be One Percent Of The Solution

on April 26, 2018 - 2:34pm
Los Alamos

Have you ever felt too powerless to make a difference in the face adversity? Here’s a thought. Come together with 100 other women to make a difference. If we all bring our 1 percent and add it together, we can make significant strides toward improving our community.

The Los Alamos Chapter of 100 Women will meet at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 3 at Cottonwood on the Greens. This is the third year in a row the Los Alamos Medical Center has generously sponsored the May meeting of the quarterly gathering.

Robinson: The FY '19 Budget

on April 26, 2018 - 8:57am
Candidate for County Council

On Tuesday, April 17, the Los Alamos County Council adopted a $188 million budget for the FY ’19. I was fortunate to catch the first part of the budget hearings, but unfortunately could not make the second session due to assisting with wildlife issues in my role as chair of the Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation.

First, I would like to thank the County Council and the county departments for taking the prudent step of offering a flat budget this fiscal year.

McQuiston: Spring Flowers May Bring Unwanted Intruders

on April 26, 2018 - 8:54am

Everyone loves when the seasons change to warmer weather. Flowers are blooming, winter coats are put away, and vacations are being planned.

Unfortunately, with this change comes an increase in home burglaries.

If anyone has been burglarized, they know how violating it feels. What can you do to prevent this from happening? First, you need to understand some facts about home burglary.

According to the SafeWise Report [1], here are a few statistics that may surprise you:

  • Most burglaries take place between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Andrews: Education, Training, Learning And Knowledge: Part 8

on April 26, 2018 - 8:54am
Los Alamos World Futures Institute
In the previous parts of this series the education system was explored from the perspective of return on investment (ROI) to the individual and to society; the value of the credential the individual receives when he or she leaves it; the separation of education and training deemed essential to be productive in society; and the separation and overlap of the education, government, and production (business) bubbles in society.
In the United States, and many other countries as well, young people must remain in school until 18 years of age,

Miera: PED Moving To Privatize Higher Education?

on April 26, 2018 - 8:25am
By Rep. Rick Miera
Fmr. House Majority Leader
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

SANTA FE – Once again, it appears that the Governor, along with the Public Education Department (PED), is using executive power to wreak havoc and destroy public education in New Mexico.

Christopher Ruszkowski, Secretary-Designate of PED, started the mischief by attacking dual-language programs, something I worked tirelessly to pass years ago. After that endeavor failed due to public outcry, he went after science standards.

Weekly Fishing Report: April 25

on April 25, 2018 - 11:40am
Los Alamos Daily Post
Sports and Outdoors
With streamflows running low for this time of year and the State Game and Fish Department making heavy stockings of rainbow trout throughout Northern New Mexico, the fishing has been very good for anglers.
With the exception of those days when the wind is blowing hard, the mild weather has made for good conditions.
Los Alamos anglers have several good choices in the nearby Jemez Mountains. Fenton Lake has been heavily-stocked with rainbow trout this spring.

Just One Thing To Do This Week: Realize It Could Be Worse...

on April 23, 2018 - 10:54am
In years past we would frequently take our dogs whenever we traveled by car. We enjoyed the road trips and our Poodle and our Portie would lay contentedly and cooperatively in the back seat. Then we adopted the Plott Hound.
Prior to our adoption, the Plott was found roaming on Orange Street. He was captured and detained at the Los Alamos Animal Shelter. From the animal shelter the Plott would howl, and howl, and howl. My husband heard the howl from the dog park and decided to investigate. It was love at first sight.

Home Country: Doves In The Concrete Block

on April 23, 2018 - 9:13am
Home Country
Doc smiled and felt really good inside when he heard the familiar bird song.
“Hey there, Wheezer,” he said, “happy spring!”
For some reason, this mourning dove with the speech impediment comes around to Doc’s back yard every spring, and Doc thinks that’s just all right. If ol’ Wheez didn’t have that distinctive voice, Doc would never know if this bird favored his yard or was just another bird looking for a home. Let’s face it, Wheezer looks just like every other dove in town.
But he was back and flirting with a good-looking lady dove up on the

Fr. Glenn: A Minimal Level Of Class

on April 22, 2018 - 7:26am
By Rev. Glenn Jones
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Los Alamos

Attending part of the high school’s NJROTC awards and change of command ceremony the other evening, I doubt that any of the adults could not but feel a great sense of pride in those young people who have embarked on a path of developing self-discipline and excellence.

And as the commander spoke of each senior’s hopes for the future—whether continuing in the military or no—I found myself reminiscing of my own youthful hopes and dreams of days gone by, and could not but begin to envy the trials and challenges,

Education, Training, Learning And Knowledge: Part 7

on April 20, 2018 - 6:40am
Los Alamos World Futures
The previous part of this series asked if we can restructure education to meet the demands of our evolving culture and technology when we cannot really measure the results for a generation and can we afford it? These are two questions and each has many parts. Let’s start with restructuring.

If a new bubble enters the environment today we say it can emerge independently into the greater bubble of society in 18 years.
If knowledge doubles every 13 months, it will have doubled 16.6 time by high school graduation.
Doing the math, that is 99,334

Sheehey: Science And Politics

on April 19, 2018 - 1:58pm

Candidate for House Dist. 43

I am an applied physicist retired from LANL. As District 43’s State Representative, I will work on many issues with a scientific dimension: environmental preservation, renewable energy, economic development, STEM education, health care; tax reform also has complex data sets to analyze. I was honored this Monday to receive the endorsement of the state Sierra Club, an organization that works to preserve the environment with respect for science.

I am an activist because I feel strongly that our future depends upon our actions today, especially on

McQuiston: The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

on April 19, 2018 - 1:38pm

Nine. A relatively small number until you put it into context. Every day, nine lives are lost due to distracted driving. Driving is something that many of us do each day without putting in much thought or energy, almost like being on autopilot. Instead of using driving as a time to unwind, focusing on the road and getting to our destination safely, we are now consumed by distractions. Fortunately, you have the power to turn those distractions off … but will you?

According to TeenSafe, “there are 3,287 deaths each day due to fatal car crashes.

Weekly Fishing Report: April 19

on April 19, 2018 - 7:05am
Los Alamos Daily Post
Sports and Outdoors
The fickle spring weather has been something anglers have to deal with here in Northern New Mexico. Some days the wind blows so hard fishing is difficult at best. On others the wind is quite tolerable and may actually help the fishing by stirring up the water a bit. Mornings are usually less windy than afternoons, but Tuesday the wind was already blowing in the morning.
Last week there was a spike in the streamflow on the Rio Grande April 11 where the flow nearly tripled in just two days. This had me scratching my head.

Area Snowpack And Streamflows Going Fast

on April 17, 2018 - 5:50am
Snowpack April 23, 2017 along US Highway 64. Photo by George Morse/
Snowpack April 15, 2018 along US Highway 64. Photo by George Morse/
Los Alamos Daily Post
Sports and Outdoors

A recent trip across the high country of Northern New Mexico on US Highway 64 between Tres Piedras and Tierra Amarilla provided a sobering picture of the effects of the dry winter that has recently ended and it wasn’t pretty. It stood in sharp contrast to last year’s above-average snowpack and healthy spring runoff.

The beautiful Rio Tusas river valley

Home Country: Pop And Billy

on April 16, 2018 - 10:08am
Home Country
Billy’s been a busy guy ever since he became the official town dog here. Sally had been the town dog until she passed away on Doc’s porch, and then Billy’s owner died just two weeks after that, so it was something of a natural progression. Sometimes offices are filled without an election.
The high school wood shop boys built Billy a dog house next to the school crossing, but Billy preferred Aunt Ada’s couch in the cold months and a nice dog depression under an oak tree when it’s warm.
Billy was making the rounds this morning.

How The Hen House Turns: Animal Emotion

on April 16, 2018 - 10:01am
Red Gwen on the bench. Courtesy photo
Formerly of Los Alamos
Had I ever seen an obvious emotion like joy in the Hen House gang? I asked the question as I was reading Marc Bakoff’s book The Emotional Lives of Animals (California, New World Library, 2007). Had I seen sorrow? Fear? In the dogs, yes.
Our dogs—Skates, Poncho, DeeDee and Scooter—displayed what I could call obvious emotion at times. Several incidents stand out as too obvious to write off as “anthropomorphizing:” their tail-wagging joy at the suggestion of a walk in the canyon or a ride in the car.

Cinema Cindy Reviews ‘Isle Of Dogs’

on April 16, 2018 - 8:51am
Los Alamos
“Isle of Dogs” is a real treat! This animated (stop-motion and puppetry), feature length film delights the senses and kept a smile on this reviewer’s face all the way home. It’s the latest cinematic creation from director Wes Anderson, known for The Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Moonrise Kingdom. Its wonderful music soundtrack was composed by the Oscar-winning Alexandre Desplat.
Don’t be fooled. Most of the laughs in Isle of Dogs are inspired by subtle, verbal and visual details.

Fr. Glenn: Send Out Thy Light And Thy Truth

on April 15, 2018 - 7:22am
By Rev. Glenn Jones
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Los Alamos

I read the other day about a young man who received a maximum sentence for a crime—a sentence meted out because he refused to “apologize” and “show remorse”. Really? Oh, your honor … if the lad had simply mouthed the words of an insincere apology, you would have reduced the sentence for that reason alone? 

How many times even weekly do we hear politicians, commentators or celebrities say inflammatory things, no doubt reflecting their true personal views.

Birnbaum: Let's Not Wait Until A Serious Security Breach Occurs...

on April 14, 2018 - 4:48pm
Los Alamos

The awarding of a road construction contract by NNSA to improve NM 4 and 502 was great news, but I wish NNSA would give some serious thought to also replacing the old, rusting, painted iron railings of the Omega bridge with a more modern, functional, aluminum railing that will not rust. It makes a pretty ugly gateway to Los Alamos and LANL with the rust stains running down the concrete and the corrosion of the railing mounts. At the very least, the cracked concrete holding the mounts should be repaired and the mounts replaced and/or repainted as necessary.


Wiemann: Should You Make Extra Mortgage Payments Or Boost Your Investments?

on April 13, 2018 - 8:35am
Financial Advisor
Edward Jones
Every month, you pay your mortgage. And, depending on your circumstances, you may be able to afford to put in additional payments – perhaps sizable ones. But should you? Or, if you really have the extra money, should you invest it? 

Initially, you might think it would be quite nice to rid yourself of that mortgage sooner, rather than later. But is it really the burden it seems? 

Actually, you get some real benefits from a mortgage. It certainly provides something of great value to you – your home.

McQuiston: Uber & Insurance: How You Are Covered

on April 13, 2018 - 7:27am

The Jemez Agency

So I got a call from someone interested in being an Uber driver and he wanted to know how he was covered for car insurance.

I told him his current policy does not provide coverage while he is driving someone for a fee. But it got me interested how people are covered when they are driving for Uber. So off to their website I went and here is what I found.

App on ... While you’re waiting for a request

While you’re online with Uber before you accept a request, you are covered by our insurance policy for your liability to a third party if you are in an

World Futures: What Do We Need?

on April 13, 2018 - 7:07am
World Futures Institute
Last week we looked at culture and a bubble model. An individual bubble becomes part of a larger bubble and must function within its culture – its social behavior and norms. We ended by observing that each bubble must be productive and contribute to the culture. But how does this align with the education system?
In the US education system, and similarly in most other countries, there are three basic levels of education – primary, secondary (ending with high school), and tertiary (post high school). Remember that while some training may be

Chandler: Importance Of Early Childhood Education

on April 12, 2018 - 10:44am
Los Alamos
Candidate for House Dist. 43

New Mexico is failing her children. There is overwhelming evidence that early childhood education and programs that mentor young parents pay enormous dividends in terms of success in school and keeping at-risk children out of the criminal justice system. Yet the funding for these systems is inadequate to those in need.

Quality Prekindergarten (PreK) programs have been shown to improve student achievement. New Mexico has an early childhood program administered through the Public Education Department.

Weekly Fishing Report: April 11

on April 11, 2018 - 12:23pm
Los Alamos Daily Post
Sports and Outdoors
The weather is warming up and the wind is blowing, heralding the start of spring. A post on Facebook said that they’d seen the first hummingbird of the season, so it’s time to clean up the feeders and set them out for these little buzz bombs as they migrate back up north from their wintering grounds in Mexico and Central America.
Fruit trees are blooming all over the Espanola Valley and along the Rio Grande. Apple trees have yet to bloom but it won’t be long.
It’s been one of the driest winters on record and the snow is

Chandler: Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Project

on April 8, 2018 - 10:15am
Los Alamos

When I first heard our utilities department was considering buying into a Small Modular (Nuclear) Reactor (SMR) project I was pleased.

I think most physicists, of my generation at least, secretly harbor the hope that nuclear power will be redeemed and fulfill the promise of virtually unlimited clean power that we grew up with.

I believe the SMR movement (there are several brands of SMR under development) has legs, and will go a long way toward the bright future my boyhood heroes promised.