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oO GI Sports – Page 8


Sipapu Opens For 2021-2022 Ski Season In New Mexico

Sipapu cranked up Lift 2, the larger of its magic carpets, and welcomed guests Friday to ski down two open runs with plenty of laughs and excitement. Cooler temperatures overnight mean the resort will continue making snow on the mountain with the hopes of opening Lift 5 and more terrain as the holiday week progresses. Pictured here are Sipapu owners James and Tonia Coleman at left, and Sipapu General Manager John Paul Bradley, right. Courtesy/Sipapu Read More

LAMS Girls Basketball Team Shines At Española Tournament

Los Alamos Middle School 8th grade girls basketball team took 1st place in a tournament held Nov. 12 and 13 at Carlos Vigil Middle School in Española. The middle school basketball team played Gonzales Community School from Santa Fe in the Championship game. They won 29 to 16. Photo by Victoria Martinez

Los Alamos Middle School 8th grade girls team celebrate winning 1st place last weekend in the Española tournament. Photo by Victoria Martinez

Los Alamos Middle School Girls 8th grade team took 1st place this past weekend in the Española tournament. The seventh grade girls basketball team took second Read More

Weekly Fishing Report: Nov. 17, 2020

Sports And Outdoors
Los Alamos Daily Post

A little more than a week away from Thanksgiving and the weather remains warm and dry. Looking up into the mountains and remembering years when by now they were white with snow with another storm on the way, one wonders if we are in for another winter without a good snowpack.

With a La Nina effect forecast for the next few months, the prospects for a good early ski season and heavy spring runoff to help fill our sadly-depleted reservoirs are not looking good.

With so many of the recent winters being warmer and drier than they used to be, you can’t Read More

Topper Swimmers Dunk Academy At Barney Relays

The Hilltoppers all-seniors 8 x 50 coed relay team broke the Barney Relays record Nov. 13 at Albuquerque Academy. Front row from left, Ada Tripp, Sylvia Holesinger, Kamaya Ronning and Kelly Wetteland. Back row from left, Andy Corliss, Wayne Williams, Caleb Kerstiens and Matias Rougier. Courtesy photo

LAHS Swim Coach

Los Alamos High School’s swim teams won both the girls and boys team titles at the Barney Relays Nov. 13 at Albuquerque Academy.

It was the first time the Hilltoppers had beaten the Chargers at this meet in more than a decade.

The Hilltoppers won the girls competition Read More

Purgatory Resort Gears Up For 2021/22 Winter Season


DURANGO, Colo. — Purgatory Resort announces its Opening Day for the 2021-22 ski season is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 20 pending snowmaking progress.

Purgatory will kick off first chair at 9 a.m. with a complimentary POWDERed Pancake Breakfast, followed by giveaways and festivities throughout the day.

This year Purgatory has more than doubled its snowmaking capacity and mountain crews are taking advantage of colder temps this week in preparation for the winter season.

“Despite last season’s challenges and the current state of COVID-19, we are looking forward Read More

Hilltoppers Fall 3-1 To Santa Teresa, 3-0 To Goddard To End Their Season

Nadia Gallegos delivers one of her spike kills in the first set. Photo by John McHale/

Michelle Macias and Angelina Passalacqua block a spike attempt by Ashlyn Espinosa in the second set. Photo by John McHale/

Los Alamos Daily Post

It was once again a short run in the postseason for the Los Alamos Hilltopper volleyball team.

The Hilltoppers were bounced from the Class 4A tournament Friday, unable to make it out of the first round for the fourth straight season, including last year’s COVID-shortened season.

And for the second straight year, the Santa Read More

LAHS Volleyball Team Heads To State … Go Toppers!

During a special send-off event this morning the Topper volleyball team poses for a departure photo outside of Griffith Gymnasium as they get ready to head to the State Volleyball competition at the Santa Anna Star Event Center over the next three days. The Toppers first game is 10 a.m. against the Santa Teresa Desert Warriors. The Toppers won the district championship for the 4th time in a row and were awarded a #3 seed for this year’s tournament. Photo by John McHale/

Bella Aguilar is ready to head to State. Photo by John McHale/

Scenes from the send-off event this Read More

LAHS Girls Soccer All-District Selections Announced

Kyla Peterson. Photo by Nate Limback/

Paetyn Miller. Photo By Nate Limback/

Meredith Brown. Photo by Nate Limback/


The 2021 Fall District 2A-AAAA high school girls teams have been announced.

Several Los Alamos High School soccer players were honored.

Dalia Drew (GK), Katie Osburn (Defender), Meredith Brown (Defender), Paeytn Miller (Midfield), Olivia Bell (Midfield), Laila Carter (Forward) and Tara McDonald (Forward) picked up First Team honors.

Kyla Peterson (Defender) and Melayna Morrison (Midfield) were selected Read More

Topper Sports Schedule: Nov. 9-13, 2021

Nov. 12 Friday

  • Volleyball State Championship First Round Playoff vs Santa Teresa Rio Rancho Event Center 10 a.m. – Broadcast
  • Volleyball State Championship quarterfinal playoffs TBA at Rio Rancho Event Center
    Losers TBA 2 p.m.
    Winners TBA 6 p.m.

Nov. 13 Saturday

  • Swimming/Diving vs Albuquerque Academy
Read More

LAHS Soccer Players To Compete In 2021 All-Star Game!

LAHS senior Jaime Terrazas heading to 2021 NM All-Star Soccer Game! Photo by Nate Limback/

LAHS senior Katie Osburn heading to 2021 NM All-Star Soccer Game! Photo by Nate Limback/


Los Alamos High School senior soccer players Katie Osburn, Jaime Terrazas, Aaron Phillip and Westley Parker were selected to play in the 2021 New Mexico All-Star Soccer Game Saturday in Las Cruces. 

Osburn will play on the Girls Green All-Star Team, Parker will compete with the Boys Red All-Star Team while Terrazas and Phillip will team up on the Boys Green All-Star Team. Read More