Early Voting & June 5 Community Center Votes

      Early Voting Subtotal June 5th  Comm. Center June 5th  White Rock June 5th  Trinity on Hill Preliminary Total
Dem President Barrack Obama 578 301     879
Dem US Senate Martin Heinrich 487 238     725
    Hector Balderas 145 97     242
Dem US Rep # 3 Ben R. Lujan 561 279     840
Dem Judge


Scenes From Tonight’s Primary Election

County Council Candidate Pete Sheehey discusses the issues with the Los Alamos Daily Post in the lobby of the Justice Center this evening. Photo by Salvador Zapien

Jeff Casados and his wife Magistrate Court Judge Pat Casados check out the early returns posted in the Justice Center lobby by County Clerk Janet Foster. Photo by Salvador Zapien

A crowd begins to gather as returns come in for the 2012 Primary Election. Photo by Salvador Zapien

County Council Chair Sharon Stover talks about her run for Los Alamos County Clerk. Photo by Salvador Zapien

Los Alamos County Clerk Janet Foster prepares to


Early Voting & Mail-In Preliminary Results

Early Voting and Mail-in Preliminary Results brought to you from the Election Center at the Justice Center.  Results from today’s voting not available yet.

      Absentee Mail-in  Early Voting Comm. Center Early Voting  White Rock Subtotal
Dem President Barrack Obama 90 42 317 129 578
Dem US Senate Martin Heinrich 85 39 254 109 487
    Hector Balderas 20 8 81 36 145
Dem US Rep