Sydney’s Corner: Food of the Netherlands

Sydney Frazier, 8, with Poffertjes. Photo by Jason Frazier


Introduction by Teralene Foxx of Los Alamos

I have previously updated you on the around the world travels of our daughter Kerri Foxx Frazier, Jason Frazier and their 8-year-old daughter Sydney. Every week, as part of her home schooling Sydney does a blog of something she has found interesting. Having just been in the Netherlands on a river cruise, I found this blog about her experience with food in the Netherlands delightful and wanted to share it with you.

By Sydney Frazier, 8 years old

In this blog you will learn about the food of Netherlands. 

What is the Netherlands? The Netherlands is located in Europe. It is also called Holland. The Netherlands means low lands. In the Netherlands they speak Dutch and a lot of other languages, but their main one is Dutch. The Netherlands is the most friendliest bike country in the world. Vincent Van Gogh was the most famous painter from the Netherlands.

Did you know this? Eggnog in the Netherlands is eaten with a spoon. Imagine you are eating really thick soup in a glass.

I tried some of foods from the Netherlands. Here are the foods I tried.


It is the best! You will love it. It is one of the traditions with powdered sugar. A pancake that is fat and small.


It is pretty good. It is an egg shaped ball with meat and sauce inside. It tastes like gravy.


It is really good. Try it fresh. It is very messy. It is two waffles with melted syrup in the middle. The waffles are very thin.

Koffie Verkeerd

It is really nasty unless you like coffee! It is coffee with milk.


Hollandse Nieuwe Haring

It is really nasty, unless you like fish and onions. It is raw fish and onions.


It is really good. It is mostly eaten on bread. It is chocolate sprinkles. It is one of the traditions. It is mostly eaten at breakfast. Try it with a banana. It is really good!


Patat Frites

It is really yummy. Yum yum yum! It is french fries and mayonnaise. But you can request ketchup and other sauces. The tradition is with mayonnaise. We tried it with ketchup and mayonnaise.




Sydney Frazier, 8, with her mother Kerri Foxx Frazier in the Netherlands. Photo by Jason Frazier


There are lots of cheeses in the Netherlands but here is my favorite. It is called old Gouda. It is really good. It is cheese that took a few years to make. The older the better! You should try it.

Try all these foods. You will not be disappointed. I really liked the foods of Netherlands. Now you know all about the foods of the Netherlands.

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