Sydney’s Corner: Digging for Dinner in Thailand

Beach amnd fishing boats inKoh Phangan Thailand. Photo by Jason Frazier
Fresh coquinas. Photo by Jason Frazier
Cooked coquinas. Photo by Jason Frazier
Sidney Frazier cooks with local ingredients during her trip around the world. Photo by Jason Frazier

Introduction: Teralene Foxx

Over the past year, Sydney, our grandaughter, traveling the world with her parents has blogged about different foods: She was eight when they began their travels and turned nine in September. What amazes me is that she is willing to try all these different foods.
Sydney’s Corner: Digging for Dinner in Thailand

Have you ever been to Thailand and seen the ladies on the beach digging? You might want to know what they are digging for. They are digging for coquinas and you also may be wondering what coquinas are. They are miniature clams. You will find them on the beach deep in the sand. To find them, the sand has to be a little wet and it must be low tide, a meter or maybe even two meters away from the ocean.

One day, I was on the beach and started digging for them. I found 17 of them. It was a lot of fun. You need a lot of them since they are tiny. I mean really tiny!

Here are some facts about coquinas:

  • They can be up to one inch long
  • They are a quarter inch thick
  • The word coquina comes from Spanish language
  • You can find them worldwide
  • They come in all different colors like green, white, pink, blue, yellow, black and mauve.

Here is how to cook coquinas:

  • Rinse them well and put them on a plate
  • Put a little bit of olive oil in a pan
  • Turn the stove to medium heat
  • Put in the coquinas in the pain, but be careful. Because when we did it the pan went up in flames.
  • You will know when they are done because their shells will open.
  • Turn off heat and eat them. They have little meat so you need a lot of them.
  • If the shells don’t open, it means their dead. Don’t eat them and throw them away.

The coquinas were okay, but I think they would be better as a flavoring in food like a soup or something. Now you know what coquinas are and how to make them.

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