Support Systems Gathering at Teen Center Thursday


Los Alamos Teen Center Director Sylvan Sierra Argo together with other local organizations is pulling together various support networks at the Teen Center for Thursday.

What will be available for teens so far:

  • Michelangelo Lobato will be at the Teen Center on and off throughout the day;
  • Aimee Schnedler (grief counselor) will be at the Teen Center on and off throughout the day;
  • Kim Secrest (has a Masters in art therapy and counseling) will be facilitating creative/art processing/expression activities after school;
  • Fuller Lodge Art Center is donating art supplies for the therapeutic art programming;
  • Troy Palmer is cancelling tutoring at UNM and will be at the Teen Center after school to meet with/support teens as needed;
  • Various youth pastors have been/are being contacted and will be present;
  • TOTH Church is opening spaces upstairs above the Teen Center for gatherings of smaller groups as needed;
  • Starbucks is donating coffee;
  • Smith’s in White Rock is donating snacks (Tyler Van Anne worked there as a bagger);
  • The Co+op Market is donating snacks;
  • Home Run Pizza is donating pizzas to have after school Thursday and possibly Friday; and
  • Plans are underay to get more hot tea/hot chocolate, etc., for comfort-type food/drinks;

“In general, the Teen Center will be a safe, welcoming, comfortable space to come – to just be with other people, talk if needed, but mostly we’ll be present and supportive and have our various spaces/activities available with the addition of counselors, our Youth Resource Advocate, and the therapeutic art process facilitated by Kim,” Argo said.