Superintendent’s Back-To-School Message To Students

Los Alamos Superintendent of Schools

School starts on Thursday Aug. 13 — YEAH! 

As you walk into the building on your first day of school, here are three things to remember:

  • First, everyone in the building is filled with mixed emotions – excitement, uneasiness, happiness about seeing friends, and maybe even a little fear about what lies ahead. You are not alone.  When in doubt, ask. If you feel sad, talk to someone. Every adult in your school is there to listen, help, and point you in the right direction.
  • Second, grit trumps everything else! Staying focused on a goal, perseverance, resilience, and just plain hard work can all be part of the definition of grit. And the whole idea of having grit at school has emerged as a significant indicator for success–even more than IQ, talent, and social intelligence. It’s the part of you that simply will not give up.
  • And third, your future is yours to create and the future depends on what you do in the present. Yes, it is up to you. Just remember that failures are stepping stones to success. If you fail 10 times, be ready for an achievement the 11th time. Proceed with the thought that there are many wonderful experiences in your future. Come to school every day ready to learn.

School is fun, important, and sometimes intense. Keep your eye on the prize – graduation. Let’s make it a great year!