Sunday: Turn Clocks Back Or Forward?

Time And Date News:

Sunday at 2 a.m. is Daylight Saving Time (DST) when clocks are turned back one hour. To remember which way to set your watches and clocks, keep in mind “spring forward, fall back”. Set your clock forward in the spring when DST starts (= lose one hour), and back one hour when DST ends in the fall (= regain one hour).

Many countries use DST to make better use of the natural daylight in the evenings, and many don’t. The difference in light is most noticeable in the areas close to the poles, i.e. furthest away from the earth’s equator.

Some studies show that DST could lead to fewer road accidents and injuries by supplying more daylight during the hours more people use the roads. Other studies claim that people’s health might suffer due to DST changes.

DST is also used to reduce the amount of energy needed for artificial lighting during the evening hours. However, many studies disagree about DST’s energy savings and while some studies show a positive outcome, others do not.