Subpar Start For Toppers

Luke Kirkland takes over as relief pitcher and smokes one down the middle. Photo by Niccolo Snyder/
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Los Alamos Daily Post

The Los Alamos Boys Baseball Team participated in their first home game this season on Thursday against the Hope Christian Huskies. Topper fans were anxious for the start of the season at home. The players were pumped for their abilities to be displayed to their home fans, but they could not get the job done.

The Toppers opened the game with a strong starting nine, including Jacob Rutten as the starting pitcher and Rico Zerr as the starting catcher. Hitting lead off was given to James Neal with the two hole going to Zerr, then Antonio Gonzales, with Travis Gonzales batting cleanup. The rest of the lineup went as follows: Nick Quertieri, Luis Bojorquez, Cottrell Fox, Rutten and Vincent Marciano.

The game began with a scoreless two innings in which neither team made a mistake and both kept the defense clean and precise. The Toppers turned a base hit into a double play in the second, which built up some speed, but the Toppers could not keep their level score in the third inning, dropping the level score when they conceded three runs.

Unfortunately the Toppers could not capitalize off of their several one hit innings. With their bats completely cold until the 7th inning, Toppers pitching went down hill and a couple of fielding mistakes didn’t help either. The score kept piling up for the Huskies. At the Toppers final at bat, they were down nine runs. They could not get into their groove and ended their game with a 9-0 loss.

Hopefully the Toppers can bounce back from their defeat. Their next game is Monday, March 13 at Los Lunas.

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