Students Crowdfund $10K For Los Alamos Projects

Members of the 2015 Financing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise class, from left, Robert Miller, Nic Seet, Mandy Marksteiner, David Montoya and Scott Vosburgh. Courtesy photo


The 2015 Financing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise class held at the LACDC presented their projects to the community last week at the Diamond Mix marking the conclusion of most of their crowdfinancing campaigns, click here.

Four campaigns were able to successfully raise more than $10,000 for their businesses. Such a showing of support from the New Mexico community supports the coming of age of our startup economy. 

Thanks is offered to Mandy Marksteiner for her marketing assistance, to the Diamond Mix co-working space for their facility, and to the Los Alamos Daily Post for getting the word out.

Courtesy/Mandy Marksteiner

The most successful project was run by Scott Vosburgh, son of David and Linda Vosburgh who own the HighFlyers Gymnasium. Scott was able to raise $4,950 ($950 over his target) to assist HighFlyers with the purchase of new equipment for their new gym that opened today in the Pueblo Complex.

There were 32 pledges to his campaign, from friends, parents of gym members and local residents. Scott was thrilled by the show of support from the community and looks forward to today’s opening.

Another success was the Agricultural Water Monitoring project by David Montoya. Montoya was seeking funds to initiate his project on bringing advanced water-level monitoring systems to rural New Mexico. This noble project raised $1,630 ($130 over his $1,500 goal) from 27 members of the region. He has been in communication with the many donors and farmers who are eager for his project to succeed.

Less successful, but well executed, was Robert Miller’s bicycling pledge drive for his ride from Los Alamos to Gallup and back. All money was to support northern New Mexico youth development and local businesses. He had some great rewards for donors as well. Unfortunately, he did not meet his $6,000 goal, so the campaign failed and all money was returned to the donors as is done in these all-or-none campaigns. Miller asks donors who still wish to support him to locate and donate to Civil Air Patrol Cadets and seniors of New Mexico.

Finally, the EZmeme campaign by Nicholas Seet reached 90 percent of its campaign objective, which added a “bonus week”. EZmeme has created a 3-click process for users to create memes (engaging and beautiful word/picture combinations) and share them with their friends. There are a few days left, so if you wish to support his campaign, click here.