Strother Best Predictor In This Week’s Pace Race

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ACRR News:

Despite a late afternoon thunderstorm, 18 runners and walkers enjoyed a warm evening for the one, two, three and four mile pace race courses on Barranca Mesa. All finishers were treated to cool watermelon.

In the one mile course around Navajo, Los Pueblos and Barranca Roads, Savanna Strother had the best prediction, only 11 seconds off her prediction for an adjusted delta of 33 seconds off. She was also the first female finisher. The first male finisher was Savanna’s brother William with a time of 9:05.Joan Williams had a adjusted delta time of 60 seconds off.

In the three mile road course around Navajo, down almost to the end of Los Pueblos and back around Barranca Road, Beth Davenport had the best prediction of 135 seconds off of her prediction.

The two mile trail course went out on to the Deer Trap Mesa Trail, taking the north folk for an out and back run (or hike) and the 4.12 mile course followed the loop trail Craig Martin and the Youth Conservation Corps established. The tips of three mesas were reached for some great views. Numerous blooming yucca plants encouraged the runners along the trail as did many yellow cactus and Indian paintbrush.

Mark Bjorklund was the best predictor at 49 seconds off his prediction, followed by Eric Anderson at 86 seconds off and Zach Medlin at 100 seconds off. Eric Anderson was the first male finisher on the 4.12 mile course and Sanna Savanto was the first female finisher.

Predictions were hard make on the trail runs and due to the late afternoon rain that washed away some of the direction markings, some runners took alternate paths.

Tuesday night’s pace race begins at 6 p.m. across from LANL’s S site on West Jemez Road (N.M. 501) just past the water towers on the right about a mile before the back gate. One and three mile trail and road courses will be available.

Call 505.672.1639 or visit the Club’s website at for more information.

Courtsey photo