Stimulating the Sustainability Discussion

Column by Tom Nagawiecki

The lights dim. The bass beat is thumping. The spotlight flashes to life and the announcer roars “Here is the starting lineup for your Environmental Sustainability Board. 

Serving as Board Chair is White Rock resident Liza Ermeling. 

Assisting as Vice-Chair is Stephen Tenbrink. 

Rounding out the Board lineup are Larry Warner, Brooke Davis, Walter Tuzel, Steve Boerigter and Don Machen.” 

Okay, so the Environmental Sustainability Board members may not be as famous as the starting five of your favorite sports team but we want to change that, at least within the community. 

The Environmental Sustainability Board serves as an advisory body to the County Council on environmental sustainability issues. 

The Board is made up of local Los Alamos citizens who work closely with Environmental Services staff to promote and advance sustainability in the community. 

As I have stressed a few times before in my columns, public participation in the community sustainability initiative is essential and board members are eager to talk with local residents.

Creating a greener community will take action and ideas from all our residents, and the County wants to make it easy for you to share your opinions or get your questions answered. 

That is why it is important to remember the starting lineup for the Environmental Sustainability Board. 

These residents are eager to hear your thoughts on the sustainability of Los Alamos County whether it is at a local supermarket, watering hole, or community event.       

With the multitude of different opportunities in the field of sustainability it is important that the public voice their opinion on the areas/projects that are their highest priority. 

Public input at previous Board sponsored events has been integral in the establishment of pilot programs and providing overall guidance for the Board’s efforts.      

To find out more about the County sustainability program and submit suggestions online visit

The Environmental Sustainability Board is also currently accepting applications for participation on the Board staring in August. 

Visit for more information.

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