Still Time To Register For Classes At UNM-LA

UNM-LA News:

The fall semester at UNM-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) starts today, but don’t worry! While some classes are filled, seats are available in many courses.

UNM-LA, a branch campus for The University of New Mexico, has an open admissions policy. With an enrollment of more than 1,100 students, UNM-LA student profiles range from high school students and traditional degree-seeking young adults to working adults, veterans and life-long learners.

For students seeking a degree or training for a career, UNM-LA offers 20 Associate Degrees and 10 Certificates. Certificates in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and Personal Care Attendant (PCA) can be completed in one semester and prepare students for certification testing for the State of New Mexico. These programs prepare students to work in fields that have a very high employment potential.

“Nursing school admissions are very competitive. Having a PCA or CNA certification prepares a student to work while they study, and could give nursing school candidates a competitive edge,” said Melanie Colgan, RN, MSN, who teaches the PCA and CNA programs.

UNM-LA students 65 or older can take advantage of a reduced tuition rate of $5 per credit hour for up to 6 credit hours for classes that have open seats once the semester begins. To qualify for this rate, seniors must be New Mexico residents. Registration for this reduced tuition opens on the first day of the semester.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for seniors,” Director of Student Affairs Kathryn Vigil said. “Even with course fees, this tuition rate is extremely affordable. Senior students have enjoyed studying topics such as Greek Mythology, World Geography, Roman Civilization, and Ceramics, to name a few.”  

“The process to enroll at UNM-LA is relatively easy,” Vigil said. “Any students planning to take a course or two can visit the Student Services Office in Building 1 and fill out two short forms to initialize the enrollment process. After completing enrollment, students register for classes through the UNM Loboweb.”

Registration is open for fall classes. For information about registering for classes, call 505.662.5919 or visit Student Services in Building 1 on the UNM-LA campus. To view the complete fall schedule, go to

UNM-Los Alamos is an innovative, rigorous, and affordable comprehensive branch community college that provides foundations for transfer, leading-edge career programs, and lifelong learning opportunities. More information about UNM-LA is available at