Statewide Lockdown Uncovers Shanks, Drugs And Cash

Corrections officers search and clear every housing unit, cell and inmate during a recent statewide lockdown. Courtesy/NMCD

Corrections officers found hidden stashes of shanks, drugs and cash during a recent statewide lockdown. Courtesy/NMCD

NMCD News:

New Mexico Corrections Department Secretary Gregg Marcantel ordered a statewide lockdown of the state’s 11 prisons as part of a periodic review to ensure safety and security.

During the past 10 days, officers and staff reviewed procedures, searched and cleared every housing unit, cell and inmate, and took account of the current condition of the facilities. The search uncovered several contraband items including shanks, drugs and money.

“These findings underscore a simple truth about prisons, that’s the reality that our safety will never get compromised by overestimating our threats. Because we will never catch everything coming in, having the courage to look at ourselves, is our way of rejecting the idea that luck or any other chance factor will determine the safety of New Mexico’s Prisons.” Marcantel said.

There are still a few facilities on restricted movement while they continue to investigate how certain items were smuggled into the prisons, he said. Inmates found in possession of contraband will face disciplinary action.

Items found inside the prisons: