State Statute Dictates School Bond Elections

Staff report

Recent Letters to the Editor published in the Los Alamos Daily Post discussed why Los Alamos Public Schools (LAPS) did not save money by holding its bond election together with last November’s general election.
It turns that LAPS had no choice in the matter because state law forbids combining the two elections.

Article 18 of the New Mexico State Statute regarding General Obligation Bonds of School Districts states, “mail ballot elections shall be used exclusively for voting in those elections specified in Section 1-23-3 NMSA 1978 and shall not be used in connection with elections at which candidates are to be nominated for or elected to office” (History: Laws 1987, ch. 160, § 7; 1989, ch. 73, § 3.)

Section 1-23-7 states: Mail ballot elections are not to be combined with other elections.

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