State Police Investigation Into Prison Narcotics Smuggling Leads To Arrest Of John Aragon

NMSP News:
ALBUQUERQUE The New Mexico Department of Corrections contacted the New Mexico State Police to investigate allegations that an employee was illegally taking narcotics into the State Prison facility in Santa Fe in return for financial compensation from outside sources.
The employee was a corrections officer identified as John Aragon, 60, of Albuquerque.
Aragon was allegedly responsible for transporting narcotics inside the facility and passing the narcotics on to inmates. An investigation was initiated by State Police and members of the Region III Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Task Force. 

An undercover operation was set up using telephone communications to provide a small amount of Heroin, Suboxone strips and compensation of $1,500 to Aragon prior to him returning to his scheduled shift at the State Penitentiary.  

Undercover agents from the Region III Task Force met with Aragon in the Albuquerque area and arrested Aragon after he took possession of the narcotics and money from the undercover agent. Aragon was charged with Possession of Narcotics with the Intent to Distribute. He was booked into the Metro Detention Center.