State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau Nationally Recognized

NMSP News:
The New Mexico State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau was nationally recognized for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) enforcement efforts aimed at reducing semi-truck crashes.
According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), a well-known leader in transportation-related research, the New Mexico State Police’s efforts have made New Mexico a “top tier state” for commercial vehicle safety.
ATRI’s research details an objective performance measure based on the relative percent of CMV traffic enforcement in each state compared to the relative percent of truck crashes that occurred within that state. Based on the methodology described in the report, New Mexico placed second overall in its latest research.
Understanding which commercial driver behaviors are most likely to lead to future crash involvement is a first step in mitigating those behaviors and ATRl’s study does that based on an analysis of over 435,000 driver records. Equally important is the role of motor carriers and law enforcement in managing and enforcing driver behavior to limit the occurrence of those behaviors and effectively reducing truck crashes. A link to the full report may be found here: .
The mission of the New Mexico State Police Commercial Enforcement Bureau is to promote safety on New Mexico’s highways. The ultimate goal of the NMSP-CVE is to reduce crashes involving commercial motor vehicles. Our officers will continue their efforts to proactively enforce and monitor the highways of New Mexico to ensure the safety of travel for all vehicles.