State Farm Urges New Mexico Property Owners To Make Safety Top Priority During Wildfires


State Farm’s hearts go out to those who have been affected by the wildfires in New Mexico, and State Farm’s greatest concern is for the safety of everyone in the impacted areas.

Their first priority is taking care of their customers’ needs as quickly as possible. State Farm encourage New Mexico customers who had to evacuate to save receipts for their living expenses like lodging, food and pet boarding as coverage may be available while the public are subject to mandatory evacuation orders. Residents with wildfire damage are encouraged to file a claim as soon as possible to begin the recovery process. 

Wildfire evacuation tips:

Wildfires are a serious risk to life and property in New Mexico, and as the weather increasingly becomes hot and dry during wildfire season, the potential increases.

As with all emergency situations, New Mexico families are encouraged to develop a disaster preparedness plan now that includes a disaster survival kit and an emergency evacuation plan.

Follow these tips and guidelines to be prepared for wildfire evacuation.

Wildfire prep tips for wildfire season:

One of the most important steps to reduce wildfire damage is to clear and maintain a defensible space around your home and structures:

  • Remove dead shrubs, dried grass, fallen branches and dried leaves 30 -100 feet around your house, and consider filling five feet around the base of the house with fire resistant plants or materials such as rocks or gravel.
  • Remove ladder fuels – plants, low branches, and fire wood that let a fire on the ground climb into the trees.
  • Keep your roof and gutters clear of debris and remove overhanging branches.

In addition to protecting your home, residents are encouraged to review homeowner’s insurance coverage with their agent, especially if recent changes have been made to the property. Also important to document your belongings by creating a home inventory. An accurate inventory and proof of ownership can make your claim settlement easier and faster:

Vimeo: Home inventory b-roll video

Two steps to take before disaster strikes to protect your home against inflation (

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