State Engineer Extends Deadline To Comply With Nambé-Pojoaque-Tesuque Metering Order

OSE News:
SANTA FE State Engineer Tom Blaine has announced that the deadline to comply with the Metering Order for the Nambé-Pojoaque-Tesuque (NPT) Basin Water Master District has been extended to Oct. 3, 2019.
The original order required totalizing flow meters to be installed and operational by Oct. 3, 2018 for every groundwater well within the NPT Water Master District. This includes wells on the Nambé, Pojoaque, Tesuque and San Ildefonso Pueblos. The deadline was extended in response to public requests for more time to bring their wells into compliance with the order.
Under the new deadline, no water may be diverted after Oct. 3, 2019 from any groundwater diversion in the NPT Water Master District unless it is equipped with a flow meter approved by the State Engineer.
The NPT Water Master District includes all lands where rainfall and runoff flows into arroyos, drainages, and tributaries that drain to the Rio Pojoaque or the two arroyos that are immediately north of the Rio Pojoaque, and all of the San Ildefonso Eastern Reservation – including the Alamo.
“The measuring and reporting of groundwater diversions is an important component in managing and administering the waters of the NPT Water Master District,” State Engineer Blaine said. “The meters will also protect water rights and promote expedited leasing and marketing of water by ensuring a high degree of accuracy in the determination of actual water use.”
For more information on water metering, as well as a list of acceptable meters, please visit the OSE website.