State Disburses Over $63 Million To Local Governments

DFA News:

SANTA FE — The Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) announces that $63 million of the American Rescue Plan Act Funding (ARPA) has been distributed to eligible local entities.

“DFA is pleased to be the conduit working with the U.S. Treasury to get this money out to local governments,” DFA Cabinet Secretary Debbie Romero said. “We have been preparing for this knowing how important it is to get the funding distributed efficiently and effectively.”

“Working in collaboration with the New Mexico Municipal League, city managers and governing bodies, allowed DFA to expedite the disbursement of these funds in accordance with federal guidance,” said Donnie Quintana, Local Government Division Director.

The state received these federal funds June 23, 2021 and was charged with disbursing the funds within 30-days of receipt. According to federal guidance, funds may be used to provide assistance to households, cover the cost of pay for work performed during the public health emergency, replace lost revenue and make investments in water, sewer and broadband.

Additional information including the 2021-10283 Coronavirus State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds-Federal Register may be found on the DFA Local Government website. New updates as provided by the U.S. Treasury will be added to the website as received.

For additional information, contact Donnie Quintana at, 505.490.5788.