State Democratic Platform Supports Methods That Could Triple Solar Jobs

DPNM News:
According to a study released by the University of New Mexico’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research, New Mexico has the capacity to triple solar energy jobs using many of the mechanisms included in the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s (DPNM) 2018 Platform.
The study specifically points to utilizing technology developed at the state’s national labs in entrepreneurial endeavors to provide quality jobs while diversifying New Mexico’s economy – principles supported by the DPNM Platform.
The New Mexico Democratic Party’s forward-looking platform states that New Mexico Democrats: support training, education, and policies that encourage technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and science and technology-based small business creation in New Mexico in all types of innovation sectors, and that leverage the science and technology base of the universities and national labs in New Mexico.
“This study affirms that Democrats have the priorities to make a difference for New Mexico,” said Sharla Parsons, DPNM’s Platform Committee Chair. “Democrats are ready to move New Mexico into a more prosperous future. We know that New Mexico has the resources to that will have a broad impact, increase job opportunities, and take advantage of our state’s unique strengths, and Democrats are pushing for the programs that can make it happen.”
The DPNM Platform’s tech transfer components coupled with the forward-looking clean energy goals seek to support training programs around the state to prepare workers for solar and wind technology, installation, and maintenance would bolster the industry in New Mexico while creating economic opportunity for New Mexicans.
Full text of the DPNM 2018 Platform is available here.
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