State Auditor Releases GAO Report On Financial Disclosures For New Mexico Elected Officials

State Auditor Wayne Johnson
SANTA FE ­ State Auditor Wayne Johnson Wednesday released a compilation of financial disclosures for New Mexico elected officials, including all six state-wide elected positions like Governor and State Auditor, and all members of the Legislature.
The report, compiled by the State Auditor’s Government Accountability Office (GAO), compiles seven data points from the disclosure forms and makes the information available to New Mexicans in one easy-to-read format. The information is currently available on the Secretary of State’s website, but not in aggregate form.
In New Mexico, certain candidates and elected officials are required to file Financial Disclosure Statements, which reveal their sources of income and potential conflicts of interest. These disclosures are intended to deter corruption, enable the public to evaluate any conflicts of interest, and increase public confidence.
The GAO report only examined current disclosures for currently elected officials and not candidates.
Officials are required to disclose any income over $5,000 and identify its source, using a list of broad and general categories. The report found that not all elected officials have complied, concluding, “Despite this requirement, four financial disclosures contain no reported sources of income at all for either the elected official or the official’s spouse in this category.”