State Auditor Brian Colón Addresses Actions Of Roswell City Councilor Jacob Roebuck Against Public Health Order

Roswell City Councilor Jacob Roebuck

From the Office of the State Auditor:

ALBUQUERQUE – State Auditor Brian S. Colón addressed the recent actions of Roswell City Councilor Jacob Roebuck.

Roebuck was caught Nov. 20 on cell phone video removing a temporary fence from a basketball court at Cahoon Park in Roswell. He said he did it for the wellbeing of local children.

The City of Roswell installed the fencing to block entrance to the court in compliance with the current public health order under which all outdoor recreation facilities must remain closed, to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“As a statewide elected official, I know that my actions matter. This is true for all public servants, elected or appointed. We lead by example. When an elected official blatantly defies a public health order, intended to protect New Mexicans and save lives I am appalled,” Auditor Colón said. “New Mexicans see the State Auditor as a watchdog, they look to me for accountability. While I am limited in any official action I can take on this matter, I am not constrained from expressing my deep disappointment.

“This pandemic is taking its toll on all of us, and I empathize with children and families forced to adjust to these challenging temporary norms. New Mexicans statewide are feeling scared, exhausted, and overwhelmed, but it’s better to work through these feelings than to engage in actions that harm our families and communities.

The sooner everyone takes responsibility by following the state’s public heath orders the sooner we can gain control of the spread of the virus and return to normal. Please do your part. Follow the state public health orders. Stay home, practice physical distancing, and wear your masks.”

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