Startup Weekend Santa Fe Aug. 26-28

The organizers for the Los Alamos Startup Weekend include Bonn Macy, Kerri Couilard, Justin Greene, Sean O’Shea, Mandy Marksteiner and Nicholas Seet. Courtesy photo
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Launch your business in 54 hours at the Santa Fe Startup Weekend
Have you ever had one of those moments where you get an amazing idea, and you jump out of the shower yelling “Eureka! I want to start a business!”
The problem for most people is that life gets in the way, and that idea that could probably change the world and make you rich at the same time gets pushed to the back burner. But not this time. This time you’re going to go for it.
Mark your calendar for Aug. 26 through the 28, starting at 5:30 p.m., Friday. Put this weekend aside to make it happen at the Santa Fe Startup Weekend. Visit ( to register now.
This proven format makes it possible to get a business off the ground in one weekend
Startup weekend is a three-day frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing and market validation. If you have an idea, this is your chance to get the people and resources you need to turn that idea into a reality.
Startup Weekend is a national organization. When communities from across the country host these entrepreneurial events, real businesses get started in record time.
Startup Weekend is based on the Lean Startup method. Sean O’Shea, the Program Director of the Santa Fe Business Incubator, is the facilitator and host of the Santa Fe Startup Weekend. All the events will take place in the Santa Fe Business Incubator, located at 3900 Paseo del Sol.
Bonn Macy, Justin Greene, Kerri Couilard, and Nicholas Seet are the organizers. The event begins at 5:30 p.m., Friday, August 26.
On Friday, everyone can pitch their idea and get feedback from their peers. The crowd will vote on a few ideas and teams will form around each idea. Each team is encouraged to go out and interview people to validate the business ideas, and see if the problem is real.
During the weekend each team will create their business model, refine their product or service, and create a persuasive argument for their business. All that work culminates in a final pitch to the judges, who are all entrepreneurial leaders. The winner will receive a prize package that includes becoming a full-fledged client of the Santa Fe Business Incubator for the first 6 months of their entrepreneurial journey.
Experts of all walks of life and team members are all encouraged to come
In addition to people who have a business idea, we are looking for people with a variety of skills, such as coders, designers, marketers, people right out of college, and people with experience in business and finance.
“We especially need people who are willing to be a part of a team,” said O’Shea, who has led this event in Santa Fe for the past two years.
Members of the local business community can become sponsors or offer a prize to the winners.
Several of the companies that succeeded in the Startup Weekend and received help from the Santa Fe Business Incubator are now real companies. There is ConvoBox, which won the statewide Startup Weekend. Honeymoon Brewery, SportXast, DaisyChain USB, and Tall Foods.
Tickets are $50. You can easily spend that going out to dinner once, but at Startup Weekend you have the chance to create your own future. All the meals are provided.
Register online at (
Entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas at Startup Weekend. Courtesy photo
Entrepreneurs form teams and get ready to launch their startups in one weekend. Courtesy photo
Entrepreneurs who participated in Startup Weekend in 2015. Courtesy photo