Stan Primak Issues Public Apology

Stan Primak

By Carol A. Clark
Los Alamos Daily Post

Local developer Stan Primak issued a public apology to his wife and to the Los Alamos community regarding a domestic dispute with his wife Friday night that resulted in his arrest and charge of aggravated battery on a household member.

Primak told the Los Alamos Daily Post this afternoon that in looking back at last night and the fight he had with his wife at their home after dinner, “It just all seems so surreal.”

“It is so out of character for me … but then apparently it’s not … I regret it and I am so sorry but it’s not enough,” Primak said. “I want to express my deep regret to my wife and to this community,” Primak said. “I must publicly face the fact that I am an alcoholic … I don’t drink during the day and never while I’m working but I can’t stop at one drink at night and I can’t hide from this anymore … I realize that I need help and either I get better or I die because this cannot continue … I am so sorry for what happened but this will cause me to get professional help.”

Primak said that he always thought in the back of his mind that the worst thing that could ever happen would be for him to get a DWI someday and be published in the Police Blotter.

“I never imagined that something as horrific as this could ever happen … it just doesn’t seem possible,” he said.

Primak explained that he is totally committed to taking the steps necessary to make things right and to get the help he needs to stay sober, saying, “I realize now that I am a person who cannot take one drink.”

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