Special Session Alert: Educators Are Petitioning For Students To Be Protected From Budget Cuts

NEA-New Mexico News:

Education employees throughout New Mexico are collecting petition signatures ahead of the Special Session of the Legislature and Friday morning NEA-New Mexico will present those petition signatures to the Governor and Chairman Larry Larranaga of the House Finance Committee and Chairman John Smith of the Senate Finance Committee.  

The petition reads as follows:

AS YOU WORK TO RESOLVE THE STATE BUDGET CRISIS, make no more cuts to public schools and higher education. As educators, we are all committed to the success of every student. The success of New Mexico students is undermined by any further cuts. According to the Center for Civic Policy, K-12 funding, when adjusted for inflation and enrollment growth, is nearly 11 percent less per student than pre-2008 recession levels. School funding is insufficient now, and any cuts will further erode the support our students need to succeed.