Special Board Meeting to Formalize Guidance Given on Teacher Concerns

LAPS News:

Special Board Meeting at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15 has moved to the Speech Theater at Los Alamos High School.

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Public Comment
  • Presentation and Recommendation of the Superintendent and information for the  Board

Board President Jim Hall called this special meeting of the Board to formalize the guidance given to administration at the Oct. 8 Board Meeting.

Hall will present the following motion for discussion and possible action. “I move that the administration work with teaching staff to give priority to the following actions:

  • Review district-promulgated programs and policies that reduce instructional time with students;
  • Identify district discretionary programs that can be suspended;
  • Review state-mandated programs and identify minimum requirements to accomplish program direction; and
  • Identify requirements that cause significant reduction in teacher’s available instructional time.

And, direct administration to come before the Board at the Nov. 12 meeting with the following response:

  • District discretionary programs that have been suspended;
  • District discretionary programs requiring Board review and approval before being suspended; and
  • State program requirements that are having an undue impact on instructional time, and further.

And that the administration comes before the Board with a draft letter to the Public Education Department stating the district’s commitment to:

  • excellence in education;
  • achievement and growth for all students;
  • an effective, research-based teacher evaluation system coordinated with an individualized professional development program for instructional staff;
  • an ongoing school evaluation system that takes into account student achievement of all students, family involvement, and administrative performance;
  • accountability for all LAPS programs and personnel;

and stating the district’s intent to:

  • request waivers of certain requirements, programs, and/or program elements because of resource limitations and undue impact on instructional time;
  • implement key elements of the instructional personnel evaluation system in a professional and through manner with the intent of identifying; and strengths and weaknesses and using our experience to propose  an improved alternative for use at LAPS for the FY15 school year.

And thanking PED for their continued focus on improving educational outcomes for all students in New Mexico and stating our ongoing commitment to work with them as an educational partner.”

  • Board President Hall also will introduce a motion to postpone the Board Retreat scheduled for Monday Oct. 21. Possible alternative dates will be discussed.
  • Adjournment

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