Solo Exhibition With Works By David Santiago May 28

‘Together’ by David Santiago. Courtesy photo
ART News:
Solo Exhibition featuring New Works by David Santiago with opening reception 5-7 p.m. Saturday, May 28 at the brand new Beals & Co. Showroom at 830 Canyon Road in Santa Fe.
Freckleface, a new series of female portraiture where each work is built atop a wood panel hand-picked by the artist. Santiago uses a variety of mediums- primarily charcoal and pastel, but also acrylic, ink, and makeup, bringing them to life.
The woman of Santiago seem to stare right back at you, blushing with awareness, they reveal a transparency preserved despite the layers of mediums, a hint of wood grain that recalls what they actually made of. This inception of meaning, details within a detail, continue across each face – their freckles, “sun spots”, are stars in disguise, a constellation hidden somewhere within their array.
Click here to visit Santiago’s online gallery.