Snow Top Predictor In Opening Race Of Atomic City Road Runners 43rd Season

ACRC News:
Mary Snow was only 7 seconds off her predicted time in the first pace race of the season held on the Canyon Rim Trail. Other accurate predictors were Duane Marr with an 18 second differential, Zach Medin at 28 seconds off, and Lynn Bjorklund recording a 31 second difference.
In the 1 mile race Tamara Jurado was the top finisher with a 10:30 time. Brothers Anders Medin at age six and Adrian Medin, age five recorded 13:47 and 14:14 respectively for best male finishers.
The 1 mile and a half had Brian Newnam recording a 16:27 for fastest finisher and Heather Hughes with a 18:57 for best female finisher.
On the 2 mile course Kyle Carr had a 22:54 for top finisher and Annika Cunningham indicated a 26:59 for first female.
Ted Romero had the best time in the 3 mile distance at 20:09 and Laura Woodroffe was the top woman recording a time of 20:59.
Next week’s race is 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 12 on the access road to the pollution processing plant down Main Hill Road to the left just past the N.M. 4 junction to White Rock. 1 and 3 mile distances will be available.
For more information call: 672.1639 or visit the Club’s website.