Smith’s To Continue Filling Express Script Prescriptions Through Feb. 15

Customers waiting last summer to have prescriptions filled at Smith’s Pharmacy in Los Alamos. Post file photo

Los Alamos Daily Post

According to pharmacy employees at Smith’s in White Rock and Los Alamos, Smith’s will continue to fill Express Scripts prescriptions as an in-network pharmacy through Feb. 15, 2023.

Previously, Kroger, the parent company of Smith’s Pharmacy announced that prescriptions would no longer be filled at their pharmacies after Dec. 31, 2022 due to an impasse in contract negotiations between Express Scripts and Kroger’s. Those who have health insurance through Los Alamos National Laboratory are among those affected.

“The Laboratory is aware of the issue between Kroger and Express Scripts, which is a national concern and affects communities all across the country,” LANL Human Resources Division Leader Laurie Monfilettoto said. “The Laboratory has expressed our concerns to Express Scripts, which is actively looking at options for the White Rock/Los Alamos area once Kroger is no longer an in-network pharmacy. Long-term maintenance medications can be acquired through our mail order provider, ESI, and we are working with Express Scripts to determine other options for filling prescriptions locally.”

Los Alamos residents on the Express Scripts program will have Nambe Drugs to get their prescription medicines on the Hill if Smith’s no longer provides them. Nambe Drugs is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, leaving a gap for those needing emergency medications at night and during the weekend.

Kroger and Express Scripts have blamed each other in the national press for the failure of negotiations. Neither company would comment on whether negotiations are continuing, when the Los Alamos Daily Post contacted their corporate offices.

Updates to this story will be reported when they occur.

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