Smith’s Motto: ‘Making Hope For Kids’ Through May 27

Smith’s Marketplace in Los Alamos. Courtesy photo
“Making Hope for Kids,” to benefit UNM Children’s Hospital is the motto of the local Smith’s Food and Drugstores through May 27.
Smith’s‘Making Hope For Kids’ logo. Courtesy photo
The goal is to bring hope to children in New Mexico and Smith’s hopes to locally do that by raising $12,000. Last year the Los Alamos and White Rock stores raised just over $8,000.
“It is easy to donate at the cash registers and donation boxes are located at the wine bar, customer service and the pharmacy,” said Smith’s Associate and Community Specialist Kathryn Fulton. “According to the information we received there were 599 children in Los Alamos that went to the Children`s Hospital.”
Smith’s associates have made personal donations and have purchased shirts to wear throughout the month. Plans are to do small fundraisers daily with a special event later this month.
To learn more, just ask any Smith’s employee in Los Alamos or White Rock for more information.