Smith’s Fuel Center Opens Sans Sign

Katy Korkos of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce leads Smith's representatives in this morning's official ribbon cutting of the new Smith's Fuel Center on Trinity Drive at Knecht Street. Photo Greg Kendall/

A Smith's cashier trainer readies the fuel center for its first customers. Photo by Greg Kendall/

This Oct. 5 photo shows the new Smith's Fuel Center sign installed. It was removed yesterday because of a sign code and traffic safety snafu in the sign permitting process. (The sign that was removed is circled in red.) Smith's will reinstall this sign further away from the intersection because it was deemed an obstruction to safe driver vision. Smith's future plans are to take advantage of new sign code rules that are anticipated to allow a tall sign pole at this location. Photo by Leland S. Lehman/

Today's image with the previously installed fuel price sign removed. Smith's plans to erect a pole sign once the County's new sign code is approved, which is reported to allow such sign structures on Trinity Drive. Photo by Greg Kendall/

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