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Decades ago, the kitchen was hidden in the back of the house. It was a place where meals were prepared and dirty dishes were washed. Fast forward to 2019 and the kitchen has a much different role.

Today, the kitchen is the focal point of the home, the place that brings everyone together at the start of the day or after a long day away.  Now the kitchen is paraded in all its beauty and warmth at the very center of the house.

Kitchens have changed a lot over the decades and planning for your kitchen remodel is very important. Technology advances and changing social dynamics have contributed greatly to the rise of the modern kitchen.

As with any modern design trend, clean and simple styles have become favorites for homeowners with natural light becoming an essential aspect of the overall look and function of the kitchen space.

Smart Kitchens
Technology has entered the kitchen in full force. Today, you can have a kitchen with technology integrated into every function and appliance–from the faucets to the fridge to the lighting. This is what we call a smart kitchen.

Easy add-ons:
Faucet. Motion sense-equipped kitchen faucets that can sense the presence of hands underneath and will come on automatically or try a one-touch feature.

Smart Refrigerator. Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator can virtually see all the food items you have in stock. Along with not opening the fridge every couple of minutes, this feature is also useful in creating shopping lists and ordering groceries straight from the touchscreen.
Samsung’s refrigerator can also send messages, create schedules and share photos among your family members. Bored at breakfast? Stream music or TV right to the touch screen or leave reminders and funny messages for your family. You can do all this and more from your smartphone, too.

Family Hubs start at around $3,500, but if that price is too steep for you, try the Hiku — a smart magnet that does basically the same thing. Only it costs $50.

Smart Lighting. There are a myriad of ways you can control your home’s lighting and gadgetry without even having to be present.

These lighting systems allow you to control all the lights from your smartphone or tablet making the lighting in your home just a little bit smarter.

GeniCan. A smart device for your trash can? GeniCan works with Amazon Dash to help you make grocery lists and order right from your kitchen. The gadget even has barcode scanning and voice recognition.The $150 GeniCan can also link to your smartphone via your WiFi for seamless shopping list updates. Unlike the refrigerator devices, the GeniCan actually solves your forgetfulness by allowing you to scan an item in right as you throw it away or recycle it.

Robotic Chef
Are you ready for this next decade? Ready or not this is amazing technology. “Robot Chef” Can Prepare Your Dinner!

Moley Robotics introduces the first robotic kitchen. Featuring an advanced, fully functional robot integrated into a beautifully designed, professional kitchen, it cooks with the skill and flair of a master chef.

The prototype was premiered to widespread acclaim at Hanover Messe, the International Robotics Show. The consumer version set for launch in 2019 will be supported by an iTunes’ style library of recipes. How amazing is that?

Visit to view the Top 5 Kitchens incorporating robotics and advanced technology. The video is very cool.
Adding Smart Home Technology To Your Kitchen
Smart kitchens are an evolving aspect of design. In fact, a lot of kitchens today are built smart from the ground up.

For older kitchens, it is important to consider upgrading all sensors and fixtures while the remodeling is being completed. Even if you are not ready to implement ALL of what technology has to offer, you should make sure that any necessary pre-wiring and installing of sensors is completed in case you change your mind.

Whether you want to stay in your home for many years to come, or you want to sell your home in the future, it is important to consider smart technology. Technology integrated kitchens is where it’s at.

Suzette Fox is a local interior designer and real estate broker at RE/MAX First. Visit her website Find her on Instagram and on Facebook at  Feel free to email her at

Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator can see all the food it holds. Courtesy image

GeniCan scans items and then adds them to shopping list updates. Courtesy image

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