Smart Design With Suzette: My Five Favorite Design Trends

Black-framed windows. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos

Remember when Oprah would have her “Favorite Things” show? Well, I realized with so many fantastic design trends right now, it would be fun to tell you what my favorite things are. Thus far, this year has reflected soft, feminine qualities, along with a few masculine ones that I adore.


I am in love with copper and gold. From lighting, to jewelry to kitchen pulls, it makes a room sparkle. I recently repainted my kitchen cabinets. I paired cool gray cabinets with copper knobs and pulls. It’s just yummy!

Brass (gold) is back in lighting, faucets, hardware, furniture, accessories, accents … it’s everywhere! My personal home office has many brass and gold accents from lighting, to antlers to gold polka dotted curtains. Even my water bottle has gold polka dots. Yes, it’s true. Brass easily pairs with cool colors to warm up a room.

Cement Floor Tiles

The use of cement tiles began in 1850. Yep, 1850! To this day, tile makers use metal molds to hand pour each tile, which is then pressed and pigmented. As you can imagine, no two tiles are identical. With this kind of uniqueness, it’s no surprise that the patterned tiles have stuck around for hundreds of years. They are so beautiful, a true work of art.

Even though these tiles can be expensive, I think adding an accent wall or patterned back splash is a great way to implement this trend into design. If you have your heart set on using cement tile as flooring (as I do), opt for a quiet pattern in a small room, like a bathroom.


First Light from Benjamin Moore – let me say it’s pure heaven. I painted my home office last weekend. The pale gray undertone makes this subtle pink almost neutral; a delicate shade evocative of a field of wildflowers caressed by the wind on a summer day … sounds heavenly right?


When I first moved into my 1970’s home, I didn’t value the black-framed windows that reached from ceiling to floor. Over the years, my love for them has blossomed. They pop against the room color and enhance the overall design. They really stand out as a design feature.


I am crazy about painting the inside exterior doors a dark, steel gray or black. Why? Because, if you have kids, dogs, and well any messy person in your home, it hides dirt and fingerprints. Genius! It also gives white walled rooms a pop and makes the door stand out.

I have so many other fav things right now, but I will save that for another day. Don’t forget to give me a shout out as to what you want me to write about. I hope I give you great ideas about what you can design and appreciate the opportunity to help when I can.

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