Smart Design With Suzette: How To Decorate A Large, Blank Wall

3-D wall panels. Courtesy photo

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We lean art against them and drill curtain rods into them, scuff them with chairs and sometimes ignore them completely.

When thoughtfully considered, these often overlooked features form the foundation of any decorating scheme and impart a finished look. Walls can dramatically transform a space, lending historical reference or sleek sophistication, eye-catching architectural detail or whimsical fun.

I’ve rounded up several inspiring treatments to help you think outside of the plain-white box and reinvent the walls that surround you. From 3D wall panels and classic wood paneling to striking paint effects, these ideas for your walls are just the thing to turn a lackluster interior into the polished space you’ve always dreamed of.

There’s no quicker way to reinvigorate a room than with paint, whether you choose a solid hue, a vibrant color for an accent wall or an interesting visual effect such as a pixelated wall. Fresh colors can brighten up the atmosphere in any interior. Add some contrasting furniture pieces and you’re golden. Bonus: It’s also the easiest finish to apply—and change whenever the mood strikes.

While graphic shapes have made their way onto everything from bookcases and closets to ceilings and framed art, wallpaper reaches its full potential on walls. To moderate the intensity of pattern in a room, consider the scale of the repeat and the color; more dramatic prints work better in smaller doses.

Chalkboard Paint
Want a dramatic and interactive finish to your walls? Chalkboard paint could be great across one large wall (schedule your whole week across it). Plus it will keep kids entertained for hours!

Reclaimed Wood
I’ve previously written about reclaimed wood walls. LOVE THEM! A reclaimed wood wall brings warmth to a white kitchen or modern living room. It compliments modern, traditional and farmhouse design styles.

Color Blocked Pattern
Color blocked pattern has to be one of my favorite wall treatments. This design over the crib brings a focal point to the nursery and brings in all the accent colors in one full swoop. This pattern could go in any room as a focal point and art piece.

Oversized Photograph
What better way to decorate a large wall than with an oversized photograph or art piece? Oversized photographs bring a museum feel to a space and immediate sophistication to a room.

Photo Gallery
If one large photograph isn’t your thing, how about displaying framed family photos in an art gallery wall. No one can resist looking at family photos and reminiscing about days gone past. Coordinate frames to be of similar color and arrange informally for a casual feel.

Molding gives a room texture and depth that can send it over the top. Design schemes should incorporate materials with beautiful textures by creating wooden panels for different parts of your walls.

The quickest way to make a room appear larger is to incorporate a wall of mirrors.  Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of additional space and impart sleek sophistication.

No one can deny the appeal of an entire wall of tile in a kitchen or bath. This classic treatment has become surprisingly versatile, from porcelain options that resemble wood and durable marble slabs to decorative terra-cotta pieces in a variety of colors and patterns. What’s more, you can vary the orientation of the tile to create a graphic statement.

3D Wall Panels
3D wall panels are the coolest design application to happen in years. These modern wall tiles are lightweight panels that form an automatic pattern repeat to create a large-scale, uninterrupted dimensional sculptural wall.

DIY Confetti Wall
Wall decals are a fun and whimsical way to decorate a blank wall. And, who doesn’t love confetti! This project is so simple. Just order 2-inch polka dot wall decals and stick them on. Check out for these dots and a plethora of other wall decals, murals and the like.

Don’t be intimidated — large, blank walls can be the perfect canvas for creative decor ideas.

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