Skandera Fails to Receive Confirmation Recommendation

Hanna Skandera


SANTA FE–Hanna Skandera failed to receive a favorable recommendation for confirmation as New Mexico’s Public Education Department Secretary in a Senate Rules Committee hearing today.

A motion for “No Recommendation” stalled in a 5-5 vote. A motion to recommend her confirmation to the full Senate failed on a 4-6 vote. Another motion to reject her confirmation was made but failed to receive a second. The effect of the tie vote means that the full Senate will not consider her nomination for confirmation.

Rules Chair Sen. Linda Lopez, D-Bernalillo, did not take public comment prior to the votes.

Sen. Clemente Sanchez, D-Cibola,Socorro, McKinley and Valencia, spoke about his qualms with the policies implemented by Skandera, and the detriment caused to schools and students in rural areas.

“We’ve been fighting back and forth and … I think there’s a point in our careers that we just need to move on,” Sanchez said.

He voted for the “no recommendation” motion.

“The only people being hurt by this are our students. This administration, through executive order, has put the handcuffs on our education system and our teachers,” Sanchez said. “I believe the local system should have control over how it is run.”