Sioux Street Underground Electric Cable Replacement Project Begins


The Sioux Street Underground Electric Cable Replacement Project begins this week with completion planned for early to mid-March, according to officials at the Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities (DPU.)

“This will replace approximately 3,800 feet of electric conductor line along Sioux Street and includes the installation of conduit and multiple circuits for redundancy, which will improve electric reliability in the neighborhood,” Project Manager Stephen Marez said. “Redundancy both improves performance and curtails time to restore power should a power outage occur.”

The project is part of the DPU’s Electric Reliability Plan initiatives. For more information on these initiatives, visit

Sioux Street’s underground electric system has failed numerous times as much of the infrastructure is at or beyond its manufacturer-specified lifespan. The existing system, which was installed as direct bury cable, has been prioritized for replacement now because of its age and recent failures. 

The residents of the Tsikimu neighborhood will have construction activity in the area for approximately 45-60 days. Trenching will occur on the north side of Sioux Street along its entire length. Traffic control devices will be in place and detours within the subdivision will be required at times.

When the new electric cables are being installed, there will be small planned outages affecting Sioux Street residents as their homes are converted to the new system. Notice of planned outages will be provided to customers in advance via door hangers. Major updates to the project will be posted on the project website at: