Sheriff Responds To Questions About Todd App

By Sheriff Marco Lucero
Los Alamos County

The Los Alamos County Sheriff’s Office has been receiving telephone calls and has been made aware of the social media comments regarding newly registered sex offender Todd App. 

Valid concerns were raised regarding Mr. App’s sentencing related to his prior conviction for a crime he committed here in Los Alamos County back in 1984/1985. 

I would like to first of all thank those who brought this to my attention and advise you of my findings. After reviewing the Judgement and Sentencing for his conviction in 1985, there is a comment which reads that Mr. App is not allowed to return to Los Alamos County without expressed written consent of the court. After discussing this with the District Attorney’s Office, I have been advised that this portion of his sentencing was only valid during the time and duration of his sentence. 

It is the legal opinion of the District Attorney’s Office that Mr. App is allowed to reside in Los Alamos County.