Los Alamos County Sheriff Marco Lucero told the Los Alamos Daily Post this morning that he is running for a second four-year term.

“The reasons I choose to run for re-election are similar to the reasons that I ran initially,” Lucero said. “When I retired after 22 years of service with the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office, I realized that I could provide a service to our community in Los Alamos by sharing my training and experience to help keep our community safe.”

Lucero, 50, has served in law enforcement for 25 years.

“I am a committed peace officer … having worked my entire career with the Office of the Sheriff, I understand and believe in the importance of having an elected law enforcement officer who answers to the people,” Lucero said. “When I first ran for office, I went with the intentions to make the Los Alamos Sheriff’s Office more professional and functional. I believe we have laid the foundation, but need to do more to get it there. When I was first campaigning for Office, I recall some of the residents telling me that they did not know that Los Alamos had a sheriff. I believe that we have raised that awareness in a positive fashion.”

Through his involvement with the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association, the Western States Sheriff’s Association and the National Sheriff’s Association, Lucero said the Los Alamos Sheriff’s Office is now not only recognized in Los Alamos, but throughout the United States. In 2013, Lucero became the first New Mexico sheriff ever nominated as “Sheriff of the Year” by members of the Western States Sheriff’s Association.

“The work we have done to improve child predator safety awareness in our community is an on-going commitment,” he said. “I will continue to promote public safety and accountability.”

Thus far, Lucero has no opposition for this race.

The Sheriff’s Office enforces all Federal, State, and County laws and also is responsible for the service of legal process from various courts and court support services. The Sheriff’s Office is at 2500 Trinity Dr. Suite B inside the Los Alamos Police Station. The office is open 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. For information, call 505.662.8028.